Southern Response Class Action

wanderer52, Apr 30, 4:31am
This will be a cost free class action no win- no fee, by GCA lawyers who have secured funding from a litigation funding company, who are obviously confident of success. If you or a friend or family member are or had issues with Southern Response, they should get in touch Such things as Incorrect assessments, shoddy repairs, no progress with claims, delay, denying, abuse of power, lying, low ball offers, low payouts, undue stress, are relevant issues. I'm sure you can think of more!

articferrit, Apr 30, 4:57am
Also in todays press public notices there is a disciplinary hearing notified from IPENZ. Annoyingly it dosent say who it it.

bratpack06, Apr 30, 7:03am
Does it also include IAG or just against Southern no responce

wanderer52, Apr 30, 9:27pm
At this stage just Southern Response, but GCA say they are keen to hear from the victims of other insurance companies as well

jonners2013, May 1, 1:46am
Not a fan of sleazy class action law firms because they're only in it to make a quick buck. But, it's likely the only way in this instance to get any outcome.

stupettig, May 1, 10:48am
Here is an interesting take on the class action.

My advice, be careful get advice that you pay for, before joining.

apeman12, Dec 4, 7:56am
To be fair, it's done in a very similar if not exactly the same way insurance is. The firm simply assesses the "risk" in the same way as insurers and reinsurers and sets the "premium" (20%) according to that.
The other thing worth noting is that they are going for SR, effectively going for the deep pockets of the government first. Still my belief that AMI should have been put in receivership at the start and everyone would have been better off.

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