oldy1001, Aug 29, 4:58pm
Im sure there where 3 gunshots about 5 minutes in barrington.all iv heard since is cars racing around.

tygertung, Aug 29, 9:53pm
Backfiring exhaust?

jcmp21, Aug 30, 4:01am
I doubts its gunshots, the sounds wouldn't be able to travel that far from Linwood.

oldy1001, Aug 30, 4:18am
Haha.havnt heard anything so must have been a car.

squeakme, Aug 31, 12:11am
So rather than call the police, you post on here? Right.

oldy1001, Aug 31, 1:12am
It was saturday night they said they would drive arround.dont think they ever came

oldy1001, Aug 31, 1:39am
Sorry friday night.

jcmp21, Jun 28, 4:42pm
Probably get a better result

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