Land line out

Anyone else with a land line with no dial tone in pacific rd? Have the workmen cut a wire?

crissy21, Jul 14, 7:11 pm

Hi there. Ours is out too in Aranui. Have called and they are sending a tech out tomorrow. I had to call from my mobile phone. Glad to know it is not only me then.

nats62, Jul 14, 7:45 pm

That happened to me several weeks ago in Woolston. Chorus fixed it.

calista, Jul 14, 7:54 pm

Neighbour and I also have same problem, different phone companies, South Brighton.

57aries, Jul 14, 7:56 pm

spark (or associate) turned off our copper with out warning after being told still want this. have dumped our answer phone. can not get incoming calls (engaged or no such number tone) I struggled to plug phone into ONT box with a adsl modem lead

kiwi-eyes, Jul 14, 9:25 pm

Our phone seems to be working now. Will give them a ring in the morning to see what the problem was.

nats62, Jul 14, 10:26 pm

I rang them too (spark). on my neighbours phone! Hers is working, go figure. tec guy tomorrow I hope!

crissy21, Jul 14, 10:27 pm

We are down a long driveway in Addington and our phone and Internet are out but no one else has lost theirs! We are with Spark.

ali88, Jan 4, 4:18 am

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