Avonsiders , where are you now?

bergkamp, Feb 28, 8:39am
morris st here , the earthquakes have been very good for me


kayakforsale, Mar 1, 11:07pm
We were in Avonside Drive near the Medway St walk bridge. Parents now in Rangiora and I'm in Sydney. They were Redzoned early on which turned out to be good for them, so they rebuilt and settled in years ago. I own on TC3 in Richmond, and am still waiting to be rebuilt. Hence why I'm in Sydney, to earn enough money to pay both mortgage and rent. Hopefully by this time next year it'll be rebuilt. I've found it pretty tough going but am getting more settled here as time goes on.

2meltonpark, Mar 1, 11:29pm

iamkat, Jan 8, 1:56am
We were in Silverdale Place and are now in pleasant point - hubby loves it but I have found it hard to settle in - well I haven't really - I'm a city girl at heart - something I found out the hard way

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