Fed Up With S.R.

smf6661, Jul 7, 3:00am
Who else has had their Demo put off 4 times in 2 months by S.R. all because the big Building Company doesnt do the paper work for a Permit properly.We have been all packed up since May & have been given 4 different dates to move out only to get an email this morning to say its been delayed again plus we are getting a new Case Manager grrr.

david_270, Jul 8, 6:03am
Ask SR why on earth they are using the big group home builders rather than real builders. This may be an opportunity for you to change to a builder who actually has the will, management skills, and ability to get the job done properly.

smf6661, Jul 8, 11:27am
We didnt even get to pick our builders (2 large units) we were told we were having MG Homes.My Case manager wont even speak to me she emails me & now we are getting a new one.Its really taken its toll on us we are in our 60's & we cant even talk to each other any more as we end up fighting.I just wish we had of taken the pay out & moved on but now we are stuck in limbo at their beck & call.

si50, Jul 9, 8:32am
what permit haven't they done smf6661? Just asking as we should be approaching demo soon too.

jane310567, Jul 9, 9:01am
our friend is with SR and they have chosen their own builder - demo this week - no delays! I have just had an extensive 5 mth repair by SR - no issues either. I wonder if it depends on your case manager?

kay34, Jul 9, 9:02am
please don't misinterpret me - i am sick of SR too, we haven't had anything to do withEQC, payouts etc (previous owners put a claim in, we got the chq, 3 interior rooms fixed in 2 weeks).
All you poor people dealing with the constant bullocks and stress, and promises, and broken promises and left hand not knowing there is a right hand let alone what its doing. i cannot imagine how difficult and frustrating the whole shambles can be. you all deserve medals.

smf6661, Jul 9, 10:50am
Its the Building permit they keep getting things wrong all the time & have to redo them.I have just lost interest in every thing to do with the house even my beautiful plants that I dug up 3 months ago.When ever it does get rebuilt I may feel different but I dont think so as they have dragged every thing out for so long & the last 3 months have been hell.

beats5, Jul 11, 12:48am
Case managers are only human and are doing there best to help. They leave because it just becomes too hard to put up this grumpy people day in and day out.

barneymiller, Jul 11, 1:13am
I think you are being fooled iof you think Southern Response case managers help their customers. They are breaking the law every day misinterpreting the policy under instructions for the boss for financial gain, it called fraud its a criminal act.

wanderer52, Jul 11, 4:15am
That would be right barneymiller, well said

pezarointeriors, Jul 11, 5:38am
beats5 wrote:
Case managers are only human and are doing there best to help. They leave because it just becomes too hard to put up this grumpy people day in and day out.[/quote

How dare they be grumpy. What a cheek eh? Anyone would think it was people's home.

pezarointeriors, Jul 11, 5:42am
Totally agree barneymiller.

smf6661, Jul 11, 6:18am
I agree barneymiller,S.R. told the people in the front that all these delays are my fault as a family member came in & told me yesterday gee when did I get all this power.I have never in my life heard so many lies as I have since dealing with S.R.

barneymiller, Jul 11, 7:16am
If Southern Response are talking to your neighbors about your claim they are breaching your privacy rights and if they are say bad things about you this is defamation of character. I would complain to the privacy commission https://www.privacy.org.nz/your-privacy/how-to-complain/

barneymiller, Jul 11, 7:33am
Being Human does not make you good, here are 27 Psychological Reasons Why Good People Do Bad Things

richynuts, Jan 20, 1:19pm
Don't believe that for a second they leave because their conscience gets the better of them, I think you have to be the sort of person who can spin bullshit day in and day out without batting an eyelid.

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