House almost livable

Left home for a 8 week repair, now 19 weeks later work is almost complete, I'm going home next week.

granny98, Sep 26, 11:01 am

Gee that must be a relief, light at the end of the tunnel!
They told me two weeks, I thought yeah right tui! 10 weeks later I moved back in and had them finishing off for another two weeks around me lol

nz_nicola, Sep 26, 11:05 am

Its so wrong ae, that this happens

granny98, Sep 26, 11:26 am

Yes, I know it's happen to too many people! I'm glad your nearly back home, I'd had enough after 10 weeks I hate to think how you feel

nz_nicola, Sep 26, 11:32 am

I am glad to hear you finally get back to your home, gosh it seems ages since it all started, it's hard to believe it is still going on.

Never mind though if the Mayor has her way you'll soon have some very expensive Art you can visit.

I wish I could use two smilies for this thread. Smile for you & rolleyes for the Mayor.

speights40, Sep 26, 1:19 pm



nz_nicola, Sep 26, 1:39 pm

I know of someone who moved out for what was suppose to be 4months , 10 months later still out, husband passed away in meantime and had to move back by herself

kids4ever, Sep 26, 2:08 pm

That's awful kids4ever, how hard that would be ???

nz_nicola, Sep 26, 2:15 pm

So sad to read this ae, :(

granny98, Sep 26, 10:10 pm

My eyes rolled too , at the price of that artwork, ridiculous ae. As for going home, what a mess builders have left behind, looks like we'll be cleaning for the next week

granny98, Sep 26, 10:12 pm

just too much stress gets to people, yes was sad, and I have heard of others since, same thing

kids4ever, Sep 27, 11:21 am

waiting for my 82 week repair to be finished, im home though so thats one bonus

robyn35, Sep 27, 1:32 pm

Must be a big house.

spyware, Sep 27, 3:49 pm

A lady next to me in R.P. has been out for nearly 17 months for her repairs & they are only just starting now,she is so stressed & wants to go back to her own home but cant.

smf6661, Sep 27, 6:01 pm

if your meaning my house, no not at all, small older house, only 113sqm

robyn35, Sep 27, 6:28 pm

if you cant afford essentials like roading etc why spend money on art work. sick and tired of people donating their pieces of art but council has to erect it and look after it, well not the council but us poor ratepayers. Why don't the artist give their art to wellington.

slimgym, Sep 28, 7:02 am


slimgym, Sep 28, 7:02 am

My 8 week repair took 10 weeks - mainly because I had to replace three windows and that took a bit longer than expected. Also, my builder arranged for a leaner to clean after everyone had left, so I came back to a nice clean house. Sounds like I was lucky. Home Trend Builders would recommend them. Glad to hear you are nearly back home nothing like being in your own home.

tigger250, Sep 30, 8:55 am

I love being home, I've had tradesmen here everyday, completing work, still waiting for the plumber who was coming at 10am, there is no water pressure! Got the phone & computer put back on today, - it took the man a long time because the phone line had been wrecked when they lifted the house.
The outdoor aerial is not working ---- we've asked for a cash settlement to complete everything as I no longer wish to deal with Fletchers, because they had a final meeting here after I came home, & the very bad mannered Fletchers man told eqr to come into my home, umm we were in the room!, but after that I made them take the meeting outside! the cheek of it!

granny98, Feb 1, 3:20 am

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