Pak n Save Wainoni Road

brightlights60, May 29, 10:02am
Mrs B here. I was out that way and usually shop at Northlands, must say I was impressed with what is the old store and look forward to the opening of the new one, which will be the biggest in the South Island. The staff were lovely, there is a lot of room, its sunny. Northlands one is such a dive compared to it. The meat section at Wainoni is great too. Very impressed and will be going back.

jules340, May 29, 9:16pm
That is my favoured Pak n Save (also I live around the road which helps). Its the cleanest and the nicest I think.

kids4ever, May 29, 10:03pm
Wainoni, best P&S, we use to go to Moorehouse but it has become grubby once again, there produce expensive as well as rubbish, the staff no nothing, you want some, they don't know what you are talking about , their meat is discusting, so we have stopped going there, we love Wainoni, its clean be good when the meat section is bigger in new shop, really nice staff, all go out their way if you can't find something, I am very impressed with that supermarket, I give them 10plus

shakirafan, May 30, 12:35am
She said the new store will be the biggest, not the current one.

zoopa, May 30, 4:45am
One and half times the size of the existing one apparently. It sure is a beast of a building! With more to go on the end where the old one is currently, so I was told in a convo with staff last night

I like Wainoni too. It's clean, bright, not cramped. Spacious even. Plus the perishables always seem to look quite fresh. I get trolley rage in most supermarkets, but in this one the least.

likit, May 30, 4:50am
Yes Wainoni is nice but, their specials don't compare to Moorhouse. They would have to be the dearest Pak n Save in Chch in the lowest socio-economic area, a shame.

gaspodetwd, May 30, 4:53am
I'm looking forward to the new one too. They already have pretty much the best range of products. They rotate stock carefully.
I remember going into a different supermarket (in another part of the city) and several things on the shelf were past their use by date. I told the staff - who weren't bothered!

kiwitel, May 30, 5:02am
Looking forward to the Rangiora Pak n Save opening!

kids4ever, May 30, 5:13am
carterdog1 wrote:
Where u find its the biggest in South Island I highly doubt that. The one in Blenheim would tower over wainoni. Moorehouse would be bigger as well.[/quote

moorehouse isn.t big

lambrat, May 30, 5:51am
saw the op's post last night when i'd just got home from wainoni p&s but fell asleep so fast i never had a chance to say i really appreciate the way wainoni still has those clean wipes with the trolleys, and its especially great shopping there at night.

melcraig, May 30, 5:55am
Me too!

As it is I do a big shop about once a month at the Northlands one.

rocklover, May 30, 6:19am
yes the wainoni one has lots of bonuses. car park is never full, aisles are quiet, staff regularly use wet wipes on bench areas etc and much more spacious. whether or not the quietness means they don't attract AS MANY CUSTOMERS I DON'T KNOW, BUT MAKES IT A MUCH MORE PLEASANT SHOPPING EXPERIENCE FOR THE CUSTOMERS THAT DO GO. pLUS THERE ARE ALWAYS PLENTY OF CHECKOUTS OPEN! sorry for the caps but can't be bothered to retype it all, lol

twigmans, May 30, 6:55am
Can't wait for Rangiora to open - that is then going to be the biggest in the South Island (Blenheim currently is) :-)

brightlights60, May 30, 7:22am
The checkout staff told me that when the new building is finished (August) it will be the biggest one.

jessebird, May 30, 10:45am
Last time i went over to the Wainoni PS not one checkout lady looked happy, no smiles here.

lorischch, May 30, 8:04pm
Never buy mussels where there is not running water flowing over them.
I go to Wainoni because it is the only supermarket that always has fresh fruit and veges. Have to be careful in the carpark though, as rows are too close together.

brightlights60, May 30, 11:10pm
Basically a supermarket is not a good place to buy mussels full stop. Many years I worked in supermarkets doing those instore demo's. The mussels have a high turnover, in that they are chucked daily when they look dodgy, they don't sell that many, they throw more than they sell.

handyanj, May 31, 3:15am
Yea, but have you seen/heard/smelt some of the customers they deal with? Yes it's my local.

shortee2, May 31, 4:17am
Agree with you, I live 5 mins, from Wainoni Pak n Save, but I wont shop there, too expensive

xstiteher, Aug 5, 2:45pm
agree that wainoni is more expensive i go to moorhouse

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