Finding a place/flat to live when you are

'old' (40), don't/can't work full time, and have pets, sure is incredibly difficult. I won't give up/put down my older dogs, and working full time is not an option due to going health issues. What do people like me do? I am sure I am not the only one. Thank god I don't have kids. I would actually be HAPPY to have a garage to live in with a secure section. Even a safe caravan space. I am also starting to look outside of Chch.

I saw a car and some vans down near the estuary with people sleeping in them. Only one appeared to be a tourist. It's sad when it has become 'normal' for people to live in garages and cars.

zoopa, Jun 2, 7:15 pm

Umm. 40 is not old!

blb71, Jun 2, 8:37 pm

No, its not at all! A lot of flats seem to want people younger than that, tis all.

zoopa, Jun 2, 8:43 pm

I'm thinking that the issue is more likely to be the lack of full time work rather than your age.

Hope you find something.

jonners2013, Jun 2, 9:22 pm

I've past your details onto someone I know through a friend,, he's looking for a flat mate, but I don't know his position on dogs, but worth a try. It's in woolston.

nz_nicola, Jun 2, 9:52 pm

Yep, and my small dogs. I understand why though, I wouldn't want someone hanging around my home most of the week with their creatures, either.

zoopa, Jun 2, 11:04 pm

Wat kind of dogs

bosch2006, Jun 3, 12:14 am

u are not alone in this situation. i too am looking for a section which a self contained motorhome can be used as permament home. i have dogs and cannot work fulltime due to injury. surely there must be somewhere out there other than motorcamps which dont like dogs or have areas in which one could setup for this purpose. not all can afford homes sadly.

adnil3, Jun 3, 10:39 am

Wouldn't that be awesome? I could probably finance something self contained, and would prefer that over living in a house with others. Unless it was a big house. But it's finding a place to park up. Although, technically, if it's self contained one can park up by the river in the red zone.

zoopa, Jun 3, 10:56 am

Two little x breeds. Supposedly Jack Russells/fox terriers, but they are more bitsa's than anything. one is 8, the other 11. The younger one is a trademe special I have had for 5 years, the other since he was a pup.

zoopa, Jun 3, 11:03 am

II Believe motor homes associatio nz have a book with free places available to park throughout N. Z.

dottyone1, Jun 3, 11:32 am

We have a 7 month old Jack Russell/Fox Terrier cross. They are awesome little dogs. I hope you find something. It will hopefully be a bit easier that your dogs are small and not St Bernards :)

blb71, Jun 3, 11:35 am

I heard back and sorry no dogs, I hope you find a place soon, and I'll keep my ears open for anything else

nz_nicola, Jun 3, 12:53 pm

They sure are. Don't stop being puppies till about 5 though. Worth their weight in gold. Cadbury's Old Gold once. Little buggers

zoopa, Jun 3, 2:28 pm

Cheers though

zoopa, Jun 3, 2:28 pm

I should also mention the other deciding factor. I play for the same team. So ladies, your hubbies are safe

zoopa, Jun 3, 2:30 pm

hi zoopa. im selling up, buying something self contained and looking for a cheap bit of dirt to live on. im looking outta chch, peace from the rebuild. i and dogs have own yard. will keep u as fav seller and when im sorted will let u know if u still looking. i have a sleepout listed flatmate situation on tm. only temp though but warmer than a car. cost neg. #894298259

adnil3, Jun 3, 3:50 pm

Hey thanks for keeping me in mind adnil. It is appreciated. I??m handy as all hell too, so am actually quite good to have around for those sorts of things. RE sleepout. I am not about to be homeless, so am not facing the car yet. Just the flat dynamic situation has changed over the last 18 months. And things are kind of. mmm. difficult. More than time to move on/away from it. Thanks for letting me know about it though

zoopa, Jun 4, 6:07 pm

Glad u not in car yet. my ad has my number so if u want to keep it as means of contact if u decide to go hippy living lol give me a call. hope to be sold up and hippy living by end of july early august.

adnil3, Jun 4, 8:46 pm

having a person that is home sometimes would make it less likely to be broken into. as well as the little dogs.

urbanrefugee54, Jun 5, 8:59 am

Best of luck! Someone that does not get rid of their pets at the drop of a hat is far more worthwhile than the selfish gits that do.

melcraig, Jun 5, 10:44 am

you have to belong to them

kids4ever, Jun 5, 3:11 pm

Cheers adnil, have done. Given the terribly 'slow' property market, I don't think you will be waiting too long. Go the hippy life!

zoopa, Jun 5, 3:17 pm

If I had kids I would probably have to consider it, to get a roof over their heads. But I don't, so I have the luxury of being able to choose to live however need be to not give my boys up. Though people have suggested how much easier it would be if I didn't have them. and they are right. But, no, NOT an option.

zoopa, Jun 5, 3:23 pm

Na, wives are safe too.


zoopa, Jun 5, 8:13 pm

If only I wasn't walking a tightrope re warnings/banning . lol

golfaholic2, Jun 5, 8:22 pm

this post is for zoopa and adnil3 i wanted to wish both of you all the best for the future as i too will keep an ear out for some land and let you know if i hear anything

jamie2016, Jun 6, 12:02 am

Thank you jamie

zoopa, Jun 6, 2:20 am

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