Building a new home in Christhurch

We are planning to build our new home in Christchurch. I would be grateful for any advice on area etc

mizpizzy, Sep 24, 9:56 am

I hear Jollie Street's the place to be these days.

foamyone, Sep 24, 10:01 am

there are lots of factors in Chch to consider, area is one and the land itself is another, you perhaps might look to convey what you are looking for in terms of, say, proximity to the city or proximity to somewhere you might be going to be working at for example if that might be applicable? The reason I didn't stop at proximity to the city is because many businesses moved out and are not city based anymore. For some people commuting will influence their decision to buy in some areas.

zaowl, Sep 26, 8:42 am

What do you do for leisure activities? Perhaps you want to be close to the port hills, sea etc? Shopping and work commuting are important considerations.

tygertung, Sep 26, 3:33 pm

why Christchurch, then we might have a better idea to answer your question

slimgym, Mar 20, 2:29 pm