foamyone, Jul 4, 7:21am
Can anyone recommend a dermatologist? Thanks

jostheboss, Jul 5, 12:01am
Yes, Ken MacDonald. I have been in consultation with him and he is excellent. He is listed in phone book as in Bealey Ave but they did move to another building in Fendalton when I last saw him over a year ago.

porsh_a, Jul 5, 5:26am
I went to Ken MacDonald some years ago - he seemed pretty good.

stefanie1, Jul 5, 5:27am
David hepburn awesome guy

tumbys02, Jul 5, 6:00am
Agree, he is brilliant.

summer129, Jul 5, 11:10am
I would agree

pm46, Jul 10, 5:20am
Ken MacDonald - extremely neat surgery results when bcc removed.

pandai, Jul 10, 6:20am
Clyde Road now, the place on Bealey Ave burned down.

clint82, Jan 7, 2:31pm
would i have to get a referal from my gp or can i phone them direct for a consultation?I was seeing norman hartwell but would like to try someone else cost?

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