What's those lights in the sky about?

ryanm2, Apr 25, 8:24am
Earthquake lights, haven't you learnt anything in the last 4 years?

catcrazy9, Apr 25, 8:25am
Yea aye. I have been watching them for the last 20 mins or so. I am in Somerfield and they look like they in Halswell

charlie.c., Apr 25, 8:47am
Didn't know they still had them going :-)

bantamus, Apr 25, 8:52am
isnt the Aurora Australis . thats quiet tonight http://www.softservenews.com/southern_lights.html

bantamus, Apr 25, 9:04am
could also be refracted sunset light because of the chile volcano. it is spewing a lot of debris into the air that is circulating high in the atmosphere

catcrazy9, Apr 25, 9:29am
Nah it looks like disco lights aye

murrayt, Apr 25, 9:39am
I can't see anything from Nth Canty, so unlikely to be an atmospheric thing. But I can't see anything likely on the 'what's on' website either.

cjh1, Apr 25, 11:34am
Apparently people have been releasing lanterns to mark Anzac.

articferrit, Apr 27, 9:14pm
For those of you who want to know -
sons friends 21st birthday party lights, looked amazing from our place as well

b-rowdy, Apr 28, 7:54am
We saw some crazy lights near our place in Sydenham, were they it?

pscott1, Apr 28, 9:32am
I saw these when walking on the Cashmere hills on Friday night too!

seanpenn, Dec 6, 6:09am
I was travelling down Wairakei Road towards town yesterday and we noticed some dark streaks in the sky, there were about 3 and they fanned out.
Has anyone else noticed these.

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