People who left Chch after the earthquake

saullier, Mar 13, 12:23am
I would love to hear comments from people who might have suffered post-traumatic stress disorder or/and anxiety/depression as a result of the tragedies of the Christchurch earthquake. Particularly, I'd love to hear comments from people who were teenagers/school-leavers at the time and eventually left to study elsewhere.

After moving away from Christchurch, what sort of challenges did you deal with? In your experience, what helped/didn't help?
Thanks in advance.

jlm14, Mar 13, 1:24am
Hi saullier,happy to help.

I was a year or two out of highschool at the time of the quakes but.

I was alone for a few days due to family being away at the time of the September earthquake. As a result I suffered severe anxiety (mostly separation anxiety), which I had never had before. This wasn't controlled and as a result I had a long term relationship fall apart and eventually suffered depression from this.

I took a semester off university after the Feb eq, as my grades were suffering due to my health issues as well as having to go to lectures in tents in the car park on freezing days, just wasn't helping.

I still have some anxiety attacks and HATE being left alone without certainty of when someone will return, but other than that I am fine now.

What helped was identifying things weren't right and seeing a Dr. who gave me medication and put me on the right track. Having family aware of the anxiety also helped as they could be a bit more sensitive with me.

What didn't help was people judging how badly you suffered from the earthquake by how damaged your house was, when in reality, a lot of people who didn't have damaged homes, still suffered significantly mentally.

saullier, Jan 3, 12:42am
Thank you for your comments and for sharing.

Attending lectures in a freezing car park must have been difficult, let alone dealing with health issues as well!

Interesting comments about the way some people judged others.

Great to hear you are fine now. Onwards, and upwards! :)

Thanks again.

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