Stupid forecasters

2bit, Jun 23, 1:15 pm


anjouc, Jun 23, 1:17 pm

They really need to change their attitude, these forecasters. It may be a weather warning for some of the country but it's just yet another broken weather promise for most of us!

2bit, Jun 23, 1:19 pm

You will get it August/September

andrewcg53, Jun 23, 1:20 pm

I do NOT want any snow

craftylady1, Jun 23, 1:26 pm

Unacceptable! Heads will roll.

puddles11, Jun 23, 1:29 pm

I think we are just bored, and snow would have given a bit of excitement for a while. I know I am bored. I wonder sometimes if the earthquakes have left me an adrenaline junkie, and when I go too long with no form of excitement I get a bit depressed

stillwaters, Jun 23, 1:41 pm

Do you have any idea how hard it is to forecast exact weather for such a small country surrounded by sea?

Would you prefer.

1. Warnings about the possibility of snow and then not getting any

2. No warnings and then getting snow and being unprepared

The Metservice opts for option 1 and then a lot of media outlets bump it up as clickbait, then everyone moans. smh

jon9, Jun 23, 2:54 pm

They just saying it to make you go and spend money stocking up on stuff

bosch2006, Jun 23, 2:59 pm

Option 2 for me thanks Jon

dannyboy24, Jun 23, 3:24 pm

As far as I can tell they got it right. The Port Hills has a good dusting and, just as forecasted, there were flurries (which is all that was likely wasn't it?) on the flat. I know coz I was out amongst it at about 10am this morning in the centre of town.

thebuzzyone, Jun 23, 4:02 pm

Ah well. it is winter, so I guess we can expect cooler weather systems any time

craftylady1, Jun 23, 4:29 pm

Wouldn't you rather be pre-warned & prepared, in case . & then not have it happen?
Imagine how many of you would be moaning your rrrses off, if we got a decent amount of snow & hadn't expected it?

samanya, Jun 23, 6:25 pm

We wouldve had snow but the temperature was 1 or 2 degrees too high. For snow to settle at sea level it needs to be colder then the 2C or 3C it was last night

bananna15, Jun 23, 10:10 pm

I am disappointed too as I was so looking forward to snow falls.

alex275, Jun 23, 11:19 pm

Maybe the weather forecasts are sponsored by the two NZ grocery empires!

rhos1, Jun 23, 11:28 pm

Ive got the week off from work. had it arranged for over a month, and have numerous outside jobs that I want to get done. Roll on the sunshine!

nzmax, Jun 23, 11:29 pm

it's funny because 1 mention of 'snow' and bread flies off the supermarket shelves!

muffin2, Apr 11, 3:14 am

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