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gymee1, Jan 22, 8:39am
Gosh 7 whole months, you poor thing and to think that some folk have been out of there houses for up to 23 months with only repairs, and you don't have them coming on the MB whinging.

goldclan, Jan 22, 9:49am
I don't think they were whinging, just stating facts in answering questions and re their mould problems. I have contacted these people recently off the message board re their mould in roof cavity problem. Their house was a demo and rebuild because of the earthquakes, they had been out of their home for 3 and half years, and moved 5 times, similar to many many others I would think.
Hope your little sarcastic rant gave you warm fuzzies to keep you going as perhaps life is not treating you very well at the moment. Take care.

shz1, Jan 22, 2:11pm
Like most people we were ones that lost our home fully on Feb quake. So we were out for a lot longer before we got home. And yes I know there is alot of people still in worse conditions and stages of there either getting repairs or full rebuilds.
This was our experience with them and simply offering our view.
There is so much else wrong with our house it's not funny. And in fact it is becoming a health issue for anyone that comes in

gymee1, Jan 22, 6:58pm
In hind sight perhaps you should have followed your friends example and used Peter Ray Homes

gymee1, Jan 22, 7:14pm
No I am not being sarcastic I am pointing out that there are a lot of People who would welcome a chance to live in a proper home, We are aware of an elderly couple who lost there house in the Feb quake Whose only income is the Pension and out of that are expected to pay $480.00 a week rent, while the EGC and Insurance Co argue over the replacement of the elderly couples house. And then there is our own situation, our house is gradually deteriorating and the Insurance Co is still dithering around about repairs which were to have started March last year. No I don't get warm fuzzies what I am saying is that there are still a lot of people worse off and will be for some time to come.
And as to your comment about being sarcastic I am reminded of a quote I heard years ago.
Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit Recognised by the ******** ******of People

540trickzter, Jan 19, 5:41am
Wondering if anyone has built with them (Christchurch Branch)? Are they good to deal with? What are their prices like compared to other building companies? We quite like their Howick Show Home in Wigram Skies, so just want to see what other people's experiences were like dealing with them. Good or Bad.

pepper-nala, Jan 20, 4:18am
We have Versatile garage and sleepout both time been great but don't know about houses

stevexc, Jan 20, 5:45am
We also had a double garage and a granny flat built by versatile. Seemed just fine to me and made it through the quakes with zero damage.

goldclan, Jan 20, 10:29am
Check 10 Aug 2014 posting
"check roof cavity for mould if built in the last year"
Re reading this posting it looks like they built with them.
Perhaps you could also post on that and hopefully they
will see it and reply to give an update.

astrophe, Jan 20, 6:13pm
We looked at the showhome village in Wigram and would've built with Versatile if we could afford it. They make the nicest homes. For the highest prices. :)

shz1, Jan 21, 12:58am
We did. And not happy at all. Through whole process . Never ending problems . We ended having to move into a unfinished house and 7 mths on things still not complete.
Have also spoken to a few other that have and are not happy and lots of story's that could be told

supersapper, Jan 21, 1:03am
Thats interesting shz1 as they don't seem to have had much bad press here in Canterbury that I have noticed, unlike many other building companies in the last couple of years.

shz1, Jan 21, 1:22am
That's about to change. We are one step from media. We been trying to do it nicely but it's not getting us anywhere.
We work in the building trade. And hear alot.
I know of 3 people that they couldn't get there garages right.
Wish I could put up pics of things on here. I did put feed back up on facebook page. And it wasn't to mean but got deleted and I was blocked

Also know that they going staff like crazy think 7 project manager in less then a year

540trickzter, Jan 21, 3:16am
Thanks for your input shz1. Doesn't sound too good.

Versatiles prices do seem pretty high compared to a few other firms we looked at. That Showhome plan is 259m2 single storey and cost $572,000 to build (that is with premium specs though). It's $469,000 for the standard specs.

Please let us know if you go to the media shz1, so we can keep an eye out for it.

shz1, Jan 21, 3:40am
We are also the ones that have the mouldy new home. That has a post on here

supersapper, Jan 21, 9:12am
Do Versatile project manage their builds or is that put out to a contractor?

shz1, Feb 6, 12:41am
They project manage. We were only 115sm but from start of breaking ground it was 7 mths and a big page of things that weren't finished . And then 7 week mark of been home we found all the mould

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