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lucky.gadgets, May 6, 11:49am
Just thinking about battery supplies. if to invest in rechargeables, 12v battery charger, and solar panel, how long is the power expected to be out in the south island when the alpine fault ruptures? Particularly Christchurch, will they be able to redirect it through the HVAC from the north providing damage is contained to the south. What has everyone else got set aside battery wise?

robotix1970, May 6, 12:05pm
we live in our holiday home with a backup generator but if that fails we simply got back in time to a bicycle type of "hand-crank" for power at night ;-)

bergkamp, May 6, 7:13pm
we have an invertor that runs off the car cigarette lighter soicket , a petrol generator ,3 gas stoves , logburner , 20 led torches with hundreds of batteries , septic tank and gravity fed water . if the power goes out

we are also looking at going pv with batteries

lambrat, May 7, 12:46am
yikes, well done. do you live out in the country? by the sound of it your emergency kit needs its own garage!

golfaholic2, May 7, 1:19am
I read an article last year that said the Sth Island could be without power for up to 3 months .
I'd be more concerned about a solar flare . last year the yanks did a simulation to see how prepared they were for either that , or a terrorist EMP .
We could be without power for a year if a large flare hits us .

cassina1, May 7, 2:12am
sheeprus wrote:

This is our understanding of events should/when the Alpine Fault go.
After the Sept EQ (we were located 1km from the Epicentre) we were without power for 9 days (plus the home was barely habitable due to severe damage). Lucky we had a large gas oven/stove that did not depend on electricity, along with an old style telephone, and a good wood burner to carry us through.
Was very frustrating to start with, but we soon got used to it.
Anyhow, now we have purchased and installed a commercial generator (similar to what majority of dairy farmers have to ensure they can milk cows during power outages, only ours is smaller) which cost approx $12k installed. Was brilliant when we lost power for 6 days last Sept/Oct due to the wind storm, as was just a matter of "flicking the switch" and we were on full power for everything. Uses quite a bit of fuel if you are using alot of electric for lights/appliances/freezers etc etc, but worth every cent.
Have had i installed into a "bunker style shed" so that there should be no damage to it should the Alpine Fault go. [/quot

You could buy a generator for far less than that if you are not fussed about having to power your whole house. I was thinking of spending up to $2000
for a 5K generator plus using gas for heating and shower water heating. Generators that are safe for anything electronic are cheap though.

lucky.gadgets, May 7, 4:49am
We have a 5.5KW powertec (~chinese) from repco for a little under $1k, no built-in inverter however, just straight unclean power. But its enough to run the well pump to fill the water tank and the pump for the house for running water. And also for freezer, fridge, lamps for light, power tools etc.

We've been looking at setting up a deep cycle battery bank for running the electronics (tv, wifi, phone, laptops etc) through a pure sine wave inverter however.

lugee, May 7, 4:55am
The HVDC (not AC) terminates at a switchyard and converter station at Benmore dam. Any ability to power Christchurch would depend on the integrity of this station and the AC transmission in between. There is also the central point of failure at Islington substation, if this is severely damaged there is no other way to bring in power.

martin11, May 7, 4:57am
Do not forget when the power goes out you will not be able to go to the garage and get fuel for your generators , they cannot pump unless they have a geni coupled up to the pumps

tony9, May 7, 11:50pm
Alpine Fault would not impact Chch as much as the recent ones, as Islington stood up to that OK, should not be problem.

I have been on the edge of assessing impact of a Significant (200 year) event caused by the Alpine Fault. While Upper Waitaki and Manapouri Generation would be at risk, there would likely still be enough generation for residential and critical services. Most impact would be on industry and residential may not get 24 hour service everywhere.

tomber, May 8, 12:24am
This thread is like a foreign language. The only thing I understand is that my packet of spare batteries, wind up torch and candle supply are probably a bit pathetic really.

jantar, May 8, 12:53am
Why would the whole south island go black if the Alpine fault ruptures?

aj.2., May 8, 12:59am
The north island would feed power down to us if that was needed.

jantar, May 8, 1:20am
If the South Island went black then the North Island would not be able to feed power south. The inverter station at Benmore requires synchronised generation to operate.

I'm interested in discovering why anyone would believe that the entire south island would lose power because of a rupture on the Alpine Fault.

Many of the power stations are far enough away as to be unaafected, and modern ones like Clyde, are designed to withstand a M8 earthquake immediately beneath, let alone 100 km away.

robotix1970, May 8, 3:02am
if the clyde dam broke . , it would be "surf's up" for anything in it's path . no man or machine could stop that amount of water surging through the valley

jantar, May 8, 3:10am
Hence it has an earthquake slip joint that is rated for M8 directly beneath. If there was a more powerfull quake that caused the joint to fail then the amount of water would be proportional to the seperation of the two sides of the dam. Even at a 10 m seperation (around an M9 quake) the amount of water would be around 4000 cumecs. Not much more than in the 1999 flood. A full dam failure would not be possible as it is a gravity dam with both side and base footings.

jessebird, May 8, 3:17am
What a bunch of happy people, whatever will be will be!.

david_270, May 8, 3:26am

lugee, May 8, 6:30am
SHOULD, not won't. It's still a single point of failure, and one that Transpower has identified as something needing addressing.

lambrat, May 8, 12:25pm
a year later. bump

golfaholic2, May 8, 5:22pm
What will happen when the hydro lakes freeze due an impending mini ice age ?
If we believe the Russian scientists , along with many other leading brains around the globe with little or nothing to gain from fiddling the figures , the global warming myth will soon be proven horribly wrong .
I hope they are wrong . warming wont kill anywhere near as many as cooling

fineo, May 8, 5:29pm
We will have some bloody big ice skating rinks.

barneymiller, May 8, 8:14pm
My insurance company do not want to pay to replace my fire place they say replacing my heat pumps will be enough.
If the fault goes I might be out of power for a few months with no heating.
If I had a hybrid car that was written would one that runs solely on electricity be an equivalent replacement.
My house is a hybrid home it runs on wood and electricity should I insist on having my fire back?

david_270, May 8, 8:29pm
IC's will always try it on, its what they are good at.
Our IC (AMI/SR) replaced our log burner with a pellet fire, which requires electricity to function. We have a 3Kw inverter generator which can plug into the house system to run the fire, the pump for the solar hot water system, and a few other things.

golfaholic2, May 9, 4:20am
Let them pay you the cash equivalent . it'll be around 13k installed

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