91 Petrol $166.9

fineo, Jan 22, 6:15am
The new servo down Halswell Junction road.
Self serv eftpos/credit card only.

astrophe, Jan 22, 6:28am
Blimming heck.

As someone who rarely pays attention - what happened? Did we find more oil or something?

lodgelocum, Jan 22, 6:33am
Paid $156.9 today at Mount Maunganui for 91.

-weasel-, Jan 22, 6:50am
Nice. I paid $1.89.9 today for 98 and I was stoked with that.

sw20, Jan 22, 7:45am
USA increased production, OPEC aren't cutting production and just wearing the decreasing prices. It's political, but there has never been a shortage of oil, despite what the doomsayers try and tell you.

fineo, Jan 22, 7:45am
As there is no one on site, I guess that means lower over heads.
Dam sure ill be using it more often.

lilyfield, Jan 22, 7:47am
1.53.9 in Rotorua Gull

cairowinters, Jan 22, 5:46pm
That one's always six cents less than the other places :)

tavendale1, Jan 22, 9:43pm
Funny. I found gull rotorua cheapest by gull papamoa. South Island ripped off like usual

cybernan2, Jan 22, 11:32pm
can you use mobilcard at that place on Halswell Jnc Rd?

fineo, Jan 23, 1:32am
here you are ,hope this helps you.

cybernan2, Jan 23, 2:36am
thanks fineo. will try it next time

headcat, Jan 23, 6:54am
You were robbed.

grangies, Jan 23, 6:57am
That doesn't make sense.

lodgelocum, Jan 23, 8:10am
Think everyone else knows what I mean! OP was robbed too then but paid only $1.47.9 at Caltex Rotorua today which includes an extra 6 cents off with AA card.

huca1, Jan 23, 8:51am
Wellington is also expensive for petrol, Masterton so much cheaper and is it Levin? Somewhere in that direction.
One of the things that always surprises me when I go out of town.

slimgym, Jan 23, 11:43pm
The suits are running the world finances again

pommie74, Jan 24, 5:47am
1.59 round here

paulmc, Feb 4, 5:47pm
That's the cost at any Caltex in Chch with the 6c discount if you use a smart fuel card.

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