Christchurch registered kitchens for hire?

noodle881, Jan 25, 9:24pm
Just wondering if anyone knew of anything in christchurch Thank you

gordo20, May 27, 12:37am
Just wondering if anyone knew of anything on the north side of chch? Thank you

alliancebroker, May 27, 12:44am

gordo20, May 27, 1:08am
Ok thank you. Who is this I am contacting lol

b2bonair, May 27, 7:02am
yeah depends if you want to use it during day or night we know of one for rent rates variable depdning on time of day and whats needed

gordo20, May 27, 7:26am
I'm flexible. Would need to be for atleast 4-5 hours and maybe twice a week in the future. During the day is ok or wed evening or night even a wknd night. Where abouts is it? I just need it to prep meals and cook meals for people.

hibiscus4, May 27, 11:02am
The one mentioned above (well the email address given) is a yet to be built RK in Mairehau. It will be available for hire I believe, when it is installed, which Ginny will be able yo give oh more information on.
It is part of a wider scheme called Pay It Forward, a community based enterprise which encompasses meeting/training rooms, a RK, and a fabulous craft co op shop, to mention a few.

gordo20, May 27, 7:53pm
Omgosh I think that is just around the corner from me! Thanks

gordo20, May 27, 10:05pm
would love to hear from you!

b2bonair, Feb 3, 10:09pm
gordo our email is profile name at g mail dot com

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