Firewood prices

We get ours from Blazing Firewood. got some yesterday. Same price as 2 years ago. Excellent service and lovely people. Cant remember the price as MrC organised it but he was happy with the price

craftylady1, Jul 19, 1:57 pm

That is why you buy your wood in the summer

bosch2006, Jul 19, 2:20 pm

This time of year its probably kiln dried, as all the air dried stuff would have gone, hence the higher price.

zoopa, Jul 19, 2:44 pm

Just a thought but the cafe at Mcleans Island advertise dry wood. Very reasonable price with delivery.

pezarointeriors, Jul 19, 7:19 pm

Unfortunately its premium price time for any dry firewood around. Sounds like there is a shortage looming, everyone is going through their wood at a rate of knots due to the cold snap(s). We buy ours in Summer and its bone dry, but starting to run low now too. Already used more than the whole of last winter.

brightlights60, Jul 21, 2:19 pm

Thats interesting brightlight - I was saying just the same to my sister. Bought the usual amount of firewood in the summer and the warm autumn meant I didn't start really using the fire until mid May but I'm starting to run low already :( Not keen to buy more wood in so I'm hoping I can stretch my supply out until the end of August.

supersapper, Jul 21, 3:09 pm

Its just been so cold and such a prolonged cold. Normally we have lovely sunny days in Winter and we don't have any heating on (got heatpumps) throughout the house. But at night you can feel that cold and need to light the logburner. Was talking to sister in Glentunnel and they re really chewing through their wood, and they have a huge amount each year.

brightlights60, Jul 21, 5:21 pm

I always get my firewood from Davies Firewood, they??ôre very friendly and accommodating and a lot cheaper than City Firewood.
I always get Oregon, price is $300 for 3m but I still get a boot load of offcuts every now and again from City Firewood for lighting the fire.

nanske, Nov 30, 2:32 am

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