Food factory shops (new and updated)

southislandswim, May 18, 5:41am
A new one is Santa Rosa Chicken on Waterloo Road Islington ( on the old meat works site) they are on FB to put up weekly specials.
Well worth a look

Deep South still there on Halswell Junction but half the time now I think you get it cheaper on special at the supermarket

litedelites, Nov 23, 4:10pm
Foods Factory Shops in Wainoni and Ferrymead

Bakery seconds: ranges from slices, biscuits, savouries, cakes, lammingtons, pies, ready made meals, sweets, chicken, fish, bread. Check out their facebook page to get up to date specials etc.!/foodfactoryshop

There is a competition running a present. You might have missed the one day sale yesterday, where they were a $1 per bag, but the bagged slice offcuts are great for making lots of yummy eats and are still a great price and you can still enter the competition

I have brought the fish from them and it is good and reasonable in price. I now keep this in the freezer for a quick and tasty meal.

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