AKAROA - thanks for the weekend!

jane310567, Jun 2, 6:31am
wow - its been a few years since I have been. So pleasant, ideal getaway for a night or two. Did the summit road for the first time. Amazing views!
Highly recommend "The Giants House" in Akaroa.

dannyboy24, Jun 2, 6:46am
Were there thousands of horrid rich cruiseship tourists cluttering the streets and looking cranky?

craftylady1, Jun 2, 7:29am
Cruise season is over

calista, Jun 2, 10:02am
Akaroa is wonderful. Last time I went (in March) there were 2 species of dolphins in the harbour.

I managed to time it between cruise ships.

deanna14, Jul 17, 2:34pm
Don't stay down in the township. Everytime we have we are woken by the rubbish crew, every dam morning. Not the truck particularly but the banging and crashing and clinking of bottles. Lovely town though.

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