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coralsnake, Aug 4, 11:15am
I have a glass from the Industries Fair Fairy Cave 1956 plus another two from later years with Graham Kerr's signature.

starskey, Aug 4, 6:41pm
Elizabeth the Seal she use to come up the avon river and rest on the road

deerhurst, Aug 4, 8:51pm
Are the plaques for the first four ships still in Cathedral Square?

thebuzzyone, Aug 5, 5:47am
Wasn't that on Fitzgerald Ave near what was then a gym?

jessie981, Aug 5, 5:50am
Never heard, what was it?

jcmp21, Aug 5, 8:23am

fineo, Aug 5, 8:26am
And the light from the Christchurch Airport tower that used to go round and round.

marte, Aug 5, 10:53am
Yep, Fitzy ave, on a Church, for years and years.
It got painted over but I wanted to go and redo it. Iconic really.
Have no idea what it ment, but it earned its right to be there.

granny98, Aug 5, 2:05pm
:) memories ae, I remember that zoo (if you could call it that in North Beach, & a man who used to dress up as Sherlock Holmes - in Square with wizard & Alf's Imperial Army.
How its all changed now :(

rollydog1, Aug 6, 8:42am
My dad was caretaker there for 16 years until his retirement

aj.2., Aug 6, 9:16am
As I recall there were two spot lights set apart and the cone of light were brought together.

fatima1, Aug 6, 11:13am
Does anyone remember "ringos" bookshop?
Ringo ran it. He had a terrible rat infested hair piece. The shop was cluttered beyond belief. Loved going in there for a look.
Think he stared in Manchester st then moved to new regent street.

paulmc, Aug 6, 1:04pm
I remember Ringo's New Regent St and Manchester St book shops. Only went there a few times. Would probably get shut down by the health dept. these days. Don't think the shop ever saw a vacuum cleaner!

paulmc, Aug 6, 1:11pm
I remember John who owned Mousetrap Records on the corner of Papanui Rd and Bealey Ave in the 1970s. Later moved to the corner of Edgeware Rd and Barbadoes St (in the 1990s?).

kran32, Aug 7, 3:37am
Wasn't he down on Ferry Road by Sacred Heart College in a group of motley shops in the early 70's? There was a bookshop down there that used to be very dirty and untidy with a guy running it with a grotty hairpiece.

robin23, Aug 7, 3:51am
Not outside United Service hotel but on other side of the Square

robin23, Aug 7, 3:54am
. Yes he was. Later he moved his shop to New Regent St. When he was a young lad he used to swap comics with kids at the Chums Club, which was at the Crystal Palace movie theatre. Does anyone know if Ringo is still alive?

robin23, Aug 7, 3:57am
I used to go roller skating at Canterbury Court, mid 1960's. Also loved going across our back fence to English Park when the cycling was on, Wednesday's nights from memory. The famous Tino Tabak used to train there sometimes.

robin23, Aug 7, 4:07am
. he had about 15 dogs. He busked to buy dog food. I often wondered what happened to his dogs when he died.

bookmart, Aug 7, 7:53am
Don't know if hes still alive but I come across some of his books sometimes, you can always tell them by the big scrawl on the front cover with the price in the middle, wonder how many old books he destroyed this way?!

treachug, Aug 7, 8:12am
don't forget George Patrick Shannon - reasonably well known drunk on a bike

treachug, Aug 7, 8:15am
Rene Stanton. also used to ring talkback on Sunday nights going on & on. Cannot remember which Radio station it was though

jessie981, Aug 7, 8:34am
Sure remember him with his facial tattoos

alfisti2, Aug 8, 7:32pm
Dainty Inn custard squares, the Albatross coffee shop in the square, Nanking Cafe. The Victorian Coffee shop (The Vic) had candles in wine bottles, very cosmopolitan back then!

marte, Aug 9, 10:40am

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