St Albans people please

sylvia, Oct 18, 12:51am
Wondering if you have had any rain today? Asking because I am watering a friends garden and I live out of town and wonder if I need to go in today. Thanks.

whitehouse87, Oct 18, 1:10am
No rain and not looking like any.

junie2, Oct 18, 4:50am
Could be on the way though - it's very dark in a sort-of SE direction.

jcmp21, Oct 18, 5:16am
There was a big lot of rain this morning.

overtt, Oct 18, 5:26am

jcmp21, Oct 18, 5:35am
On the ground, after it fell from the sky.

overtt, Oct 18, 5:37am
oh stop it
my ribs hurt

jcmp21, Oct 18, 5:39am
Thank you, thank you, I'll be in town all week. Be sure to try the buffet

sylvia, Dec 31, 3:17pm
I'm hoping you mean in St Albans? Might save me a trip in today if is was.

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