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wanderer52, Jan 21, 2:52am
I stopped and picked up a poor cyclist in the rain today. Lucky I had a white van. I am female.

golfaholic2, Jan 21, 5:23am
Did a bad thing happen to the cyclist ?

stantonfield1, Jan 21, 6:15am
someone quick report this potential offender.
ETA. ring 111 and check on the status of the van just incase this gets worse. (from another equally absurd thread from yesterday)

golfaholic2, Jan 21, 6:59am
I wont mention that I know the full name and the address of this dodgy person

gymee1, Jan 21, 7:22am
Tui anyone.

wanderer52, Jan 21, 10:17pm
Lol golf

doggybear, Feb 5, 3:01pm
There are some nice people around poster 1. believe it or not! Unless something bad happened you can't assume this guy was doing something dodgy! My 28 year old son said he pulled out of his drive last week and saw a woman about the same age looking lost. he got out of his car and asked her if she needed help. and when she said she was a tourist and got lost looking for a particular bed and breakfast he offered her a ride there and she accepted! Nothing happened and he was just being genuinely nice and helpful. Unfortunately with all of the negative things we read or hear about in the media about men trying to get people (mainly women and children) in their cars, people assume that anyone who offers is just a creep who will do something bad to them!

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