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katstillwell, Jan 23, 1:45am
Yes, there are some nice people. A couple of guys ran out of petrol outside my apartment complex, they were new to NZ and working here. It was pouring and I drove them to the petrol station, I said I can't let you walk in that, it's just rude. And I'm a tiny girl too. I'd do it again.

justnewbie, Jan 20, 11:16pm
to me, i was walking back from work this morning about 11am as thats what time when i finshed work anyway it was raining hard as and just wanting to get home out of the rain anyway as i was walking a guy in a white van stopped next to me on the side of the road, i stopped to see what he was doing he was waveing at me to get into hes van, i just keept walking and he drove off, i was 3houses away from mine, i was a bit shaken up by that but im safe now

rockie6, Jan 20, 11:18pm
Pity you didn't get the rego number. Bit hard though in the pouring rain and on the spur of the moment. Glad you are okay. Might be worth reporting anyway so the police are aware of this in the area.

bugsy23, Jan 20, 11:28pm
I think it may be a good idea to give some indication of where this occurred so that people can keep an eye out for this fellow and secondly not become overly anxious that hes in their street

jules340, Jan 20, 11:28pm
Ick. have you reported the incident?

cherbyg, Jan 20, 11:45pm
not nice, i'd report it, assuming the police take notice incase a pattern starts forming.

rollydog1, Jan 20, 11:53pm
Dont know what area you are in but i remember someone saying a guy in a white van ripped someones house in sockburn area (racecourse road) the other day

-weasel-, Jan 20, 11:54pm
How is that bad? You said it was pouring down - he was prob trying to be kind.
Seriously it must be like walking on egg shells to be a male. Damned if you do damned if you dont.

Relax. NOTHING bad happened, you didnt even talk to him

chrise73, Jan 21, 12:17am
Couldnt agree more. I'm trying to work out the bad thing that happened.

There is a 99.99999% chance the guy was being nice. How often do randoms get kidnapped in NZ? Its very rare.

No need to live in fear.

rockie6, Jan 21, 12:27am
Would you have hopped in the van?

hd07, Jan 21, 12:30am
I thought the same. How often do you hear of random people abducting strangers from the street in broad daylight? If he wanted to abduct you, don't you think he would have got out and tried to grab you? I agree with others that he more likely was going to offer a ride as it was bucketing down. I can't see what the 'bad thing' is that happened to you.

rockie6, Jan 21, 12:42am
Would you have got in the van.

daisyhill, Jan 21, 12:54am
I agree - he was probably just trying to be nice. All you had to do was say "No thanks" rather than imagining the worst. It's very sad that people so often do jump straight to the worst conclusion these days rather than remembering that most folk are ordinary and not pervs or criminals waiting to pounce.

rockie6, Jan 21, 12:57am
I'll ask you the same question. Would you have got in the van.

-weasel-, Jan 21, 1:00am
Who said anything about getting into the van?
Still trying to figure out the 'bad thing'

golfaholic2, Jan 21, 1:11am
I was golfing during the downpour . it was bad .
And I just returned from Kaiapoi , driving in another downpour .
Driving in it makes it look far worse . My conclusion is the guy was trying to help what he thought was a damsel in distress .

justnewbie, Jan 21, 1:16am
yes i have reported the police and they are now looking for him a hour befor me he try to pick up someone else they said

bosch2006, Jan 21, 1:18am
Lots of white vans in chch

bosch2006, Jan 21, 1:20am
Are u a women or a man

justnewbie, Jan 21, 1:25am
does not matter what i am, they got hes rego

rockie6, Jan 21, 1:33am
Well, you are suggesting the offered ride was not a bad thing, so I would presume you would have accepted the ride, as it wasnt a bad thing.

honest-reliable, Jan 21, 1:53am
It was only a week or two ago a young boy was attacked by a man stopping on the side of the road and seeing to him. Weasel until you are in this situation best not judge. It can very freaky for anyone these days there are all sorts of loonies out there and you don't know there motives. Yes I agree there are nice people too but one must be CAREFUL at ALL TIMES. Take care OP and have a good relaxing afternoon.

bosch2006, Jan 21, 2:23am
What did he look like if you had time to stop and see what he was doing.was he old or young

pig-gal, Jan 21, 2:23am
O gosh he offered a ride, there is no harm in that! As someone above said, you either say no thanks, or ignore. No I wouldn't have accepted, but there is no crime in asking. I gave an intermediate aged boy a ride one day. I was coming out the gate and this boy was upset. I asked him if he was o.k and he told me about being hurt by a bully. I gave him a ride about 5 mins down the rd. Was I bad to do that? I had no intentions of harming him and he was happy to be helped.It pays to be aware but not treat everyone like they have an ulterior motive all the time.

bosch2006, Jan 21, 2:32am
He could of been lost and wanted to know how to get somewhere

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