. south Chch. Just started. Anywhere else in Christchurch?

dreamingofbali, Jul 8, 9:02 pm


lugee, Jul 8, 9:11 pm

Not in Woolston

calista, Jul 8, 9:23 pm

None in Burwood. Stars are still visible.

unclewainwright, Jul 8, 9:26 pm

We just had 3 minutes of snow here in Kainga.

mousiemousie, Jul 8, 9:52 pm

Had a couple of short snow showers Sydenham, waiting for the bank of cloud we can see coming to arrive.

zaowl, Jul 8, 9:54 pm

Must've been some in Burwood, but I wasn't looking out. Mum just rang to say cars coated in light snow in Shirley, and I went outside to find a bit of a snow coating on my son's car.

bootsy2003, Jul 8, 10:02 pm

just frost in burnside. come on snow - fancy a snow day tmrw!

jane310567, Jul 8, 10:07 pm

Pfft nothing in Hoon Hay :(

supersapper, Jul 8, 10:08 pm

It hailed here in North Richmond for @ 5 minutes about 20mins ago. I just went outside & it hasn't melted. Watch out for icy roads in the am ppl

mme, Jul 8, 10:15 pm

Yup. My driveway very slippery now. Didn't snow for long, but the snow that did fall has stuck and frozen.

dreamingofbali, Jul 9, 12:05 am

Light dusting of snow in waimairi beach this morning! Wow! Who else has some?

gaspodetwd, Jul 9, 7:12 am

I well above 200 meters. and nothing dont even look like snowing. just another go out and buy up large from the supermarket forecasts

bosch2006, Jul 9, 9:11 am

was snowing nicely in Brighton 20 half an hour ago

golfaholic2, Jul 9, 9:29 am

20-30mins ago . caffeine deprivation showing thru lol

golfaholic2, Jul 9, 9:46 am

Good cover in Linwood = very soft - going slushy already

peca, Jul 9, 10:20 am

snowing again now in Brighton

golfaholic2, Jul 9, 10:25 am

sunny and blue sky Rolleston,has been all morning,kids want snow!

andrac63, Jul 9, 10:31 am

Just hung out a BIG pile of washing. excellent day for drying the towels. Going by the forecast, didn't think THAT was gonna happen

craftylady1, Jul 9, 10:38 am

Snow on top of the hills, lawn covered in left over hail after it rained and it's snowing now off and on Sumner

nz_nicola, Jul 9, 10:56 am

Exactly. These forecasts are just bloody bullshit. Next time I look at a forecast for Chch, I will assume that it's only for the Port Hills from the beginning.

2bit, Jul 9, 12:21 pm

And New Brighton, Burwood & Shirley. Not sure what other suburbs had snow. Just cos you didn't get any, doesn't mean that there was no snow in Chch.

bootsy2003, Feb 6, 3:26 am

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