Gayhurst bridge

foamyone, Jun 21, 1:17pm
Hmmm anyone know exactly when this is planned to be completed?

golfaholic2, Jun 21, 7:35pm
open in 3 weeks . that's what I heard from a nearby resident who claims to know everything about everything .

craftylady1, Jun 21, 7:51pm
Must be someone from the MB

gillian25, Jun 21, 10:21pm
Cant wait. Takes 20mins off my trip to work. Yay!

jamie2016, Jun 22, 10:22am
hopefully they raise the north approach side so its not a huge problems on vehicles getting airbourne

golfaholic2, Jun 22, 7:16pm
That person would have had his nose into this thread if that was the case

I thought it had opened a month ago , and tried to use it last weekend .

tmc1, Jun 22, 10:00pm
the TMP says 2 days left - finished 24 june.

kiwi_gem, Jun 23, 12:57pm
I read Pegasus Post that it will reopen near end of July.

cassina1, Jun 23, 11:57pm
Was looking at the new Ferrymead Bridge a few weeks ago and the water level under it was about as high as what the water level is under other briges when there is a flood. I would have thought it would have been buillt higher to handle flooding.

foamyone, Jul 18, 9:55pm
soooo this thing open yet?

lambrat, Jul 19, 12:02am
no but not very far off now. walked a dawg past there with my digger & truckdriving mate who works (elsewhere) for same company. she bets its ready sooner rather than later, the bridge looks all done, they are very nearly done with the road approaches.
might be electricals and pipes etc to be done next. i forgot to look back at it to see whether they were already installed beneath the bridge

zoopa, Jul 19, 2:46am
Bet the residents will miss the bridge closed when all the traffic comes back.

melvis4, Dec 17, 1:09pm
When the bridge opens it will breathe some much needed life back into Dallington and south Shirley. It's been deathly quiet around there. Most nights you can hear a pin drop or a shuffle from a duck in the water.

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