Anyone else just see that weird light in the sky.?

ferrarigirl, Apr 3, 7:58am
Just went outside and saw a roundish light fly overhead in a northwest direction. Too fast for a plane and consisted of only 1 light and no sound. . too slow for a shooting star and didn't leave a tail. cue eerie music.

young1, Apr 3, 10:27am
I saw a light, thought it was a shooting star but very quick but that was about 10.30, bealey ave.

craftylady1, Apr 3, 8:49pm
Probably a flying saucer, full of aliens looking for someone to probe.
Or maybe a drone

craftylady1, Apr 3, 8:51pm
Could even be something heading to the Blenheim airshow

47toby, Apr 5, 9:02am
Let me know next time . I'm keen to leave.

elsielaurie1, Apr 5, 9:06am
The International Space Station. go to the NASA site and ask for the position of the International Space Station. I saw it last night, about 11.47p.m. travelling in a northerly direction.

bosch2006, Apr 5, 10:11pm
Bending over are u

lyttelton2, Apr 5, 11:03pm
Easter Bunny hopping home.

usualsuspect, Dec 16, 3:04am
Thunderbirds out on a rescue mission. seems ligit!

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