O/T Help With Rehoming Blind Cat

ricford1, Jul 13, 12:32am
My daughter and I have been looking after a wee black and white female cat at our work for the past seven years. We had it confirmed yesterday that she is blind and for her safety, she can no longer be there. I love her to bits and have her with me at home now but my husband who is nearly blind himself and has only weeks to live, will have to look after her and our two other cats while I am at work through the night. My daughter can't have her because she already has 15 rescue furbabies so I am trying to see if there is someone out there who would give this beautiful wee girl a forever home. It would need to be someone who doesn't have animals or children and who could put the time into helping her adjust. She hasn't lived in a home for many years so getting her to use a dirt box inside needs to be done, she goes to the door when she wants to go to the toilet at work. Her age . anywhere from 8 to 12 years.

astrophe, Jul 13, 12:56am
Why is the workplace suddenly dangerous? It might possibly be safest for a blind cat to be in the place that she's known most of her life and memorised already.

ricford1, Jul 13, 1:04am
People walk their dogs through work and most are off their leashes. We have already had dogs chase her and that was when she had sight, so she doesn't stand a chance now she is blind.

astrophe, Jul 13, 1:12am
Ah, that does sound logical. Hope you can find somewhere. Maybe your local Cats Protection League or other groups can assist you in rehoming?

lankylass, Jul 13, 3:16am
It might be a good idea if you put this in the Pets & Animals thread too.

dtpapa, Jul 13, 3:26am
have you taken her to the vet for a checkup, see what the cause is?

ricford1, Jul 13, 3:50am
Yes we have and she has detached retina's they think is caused by high blood pressure due to her living condition but there are bloods they can do to make sure it is nothing else but they said she is a good weight and love??y nature.

ricford1, Jul 13, 3:51am
Will do and thanks.

gypsy271, Jul 14, 12:53am
Bumping for a home

secretagent_cat, Jan 5, 2:38pm
Bump, contact your local cat rescue

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