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jcmp21, Apr 6, 4:08am
Just now

tawera_moeke, Apr 6, 4:09am

gaspodetwd, Apr 6, 4:09am
Oooh. Where was that?

jcmp21, Apr 6, 4:09am
First for ages

ttaotua1, Apr 6, 4:09am
Wobble in mairehau

trekker, Apr 6, 4:10am
3.9 15 kms south east of Chch

rivercottage1, Apr 6, 4:10am
felt out here in Little River.

jcmp21, Apr 6, 4:10am
Here too, sounded like a big V8 pulling up then the creaking started lol

smf6661, Apr 6, 4:10am
Im busy packing my whole house up & now I dont have to pack some glasses as they broke.It was really wbbly here in Bromley.

iced_coffee, Apr 6, 4:11am
Felt it in rangiora too

bandrach, Apr 6, 4:11am
Heard it coming in avondale

invercoll, Apr 6, 4:12am
First l have felt in Pegasus since l came here August a yeR ago

karmarh, Apr 6, 4:12am
4.08 in Lyttleton Harbour

billy.bragg, Apr 6, 4:13am
Felt like it was under my house. Couple of things fell over. Big loud and violent here.

astrophe, Apr 6, 4:15am
That's the time, not the magnitude. :)

jen367, Apr 6, 4:15am

jcmp21, Apr 6, 4:17am
I don't believe you, unless of course you can link to Ken rings page that says ones coming

gillian25, Apr 6, 4:18am
nearly always follow a Red Moon.

pammies, Apr 6, 4:18am
shit I hate them, that scared the bejesus out of me. I'm still shaking.

briggsy9, Apr 6, 4:22am
Felt for about 3- 4 seconds in Burnside. that was shake # 16,003!.

astrophe, Apr 6, 4:22am

Either that, or we had a HECK of a lot of red moons in 2011/2012!

tony9, Apr 6, 4:49am
I would go further and say they always follow a Red Moon.

We have no records of any earthquakes happening before the first ever Red Moon. Although can be a very long time after the Red Moon before all the quakes are done.

schnauzer11, Apr 6, 4:59am
Kindly inform us when the "first ever red moon" was.

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