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rach636, Nov 26, 1:01am
Where will they go now?

calista, Nov 26, 3:42am
I came on here to see what the decision was. Thank-you for posting

david_270, Nov 26, 4:57am

Typical National Party. Destroying education & communities for the benefit of their mates. See what will happen to the site - will a Charter school pop up, or will it be sold to property developers?

iwikiwi, Nov 26, 5:15am
There is a school in Sumner and another one in Mt Pleasant. (Both close by, and in sought after suburbs just like Redcliffs.)

maddsno, Nov 26, 5:24am
Good to see no special treatment for the wealthy areas. If she closed so many other schools why should it be different for redcliffs. Maybe they could all form a mega school like the eastern schools are being forced too.

miffycat1, Nov 26, 5:59am
National party have hidden agenda"s , Nothing to do with wealthy areas, They were determined to form a mega school in the East which was very much against most of the communities & parents wishes,
Many folks have moved or are intending to move from The Avondale area because of National"s decision, The same will happen to Redcliffs
National party are not interested in the Eastern suburbs

stojo, Nov 26, 6:11am
Why should that treatment be dished out anywhere? You can't justify a bad decision because of others. Most suburbs should have a school easily within walking distance. Very poor decision

iwikiwi, Nov 26, 6:26am
Here are some interesting statistics from Wikipedia showing roll numbers for all the schools in Christchurch. If you want to know what's happening in your region, just change the Christchurch, to your city.

fineo, Nov 26, 7:00am
Does any one remember the size of some of the boulders that came down in the area.
Dam some were bigger than a car.
Tough call but the outrage if the kids were there and another quake hit.

ryanm2, Nov 26, 7:22am
Exactly - the school is at the bottom of an unstable rock face. National just didn't close it for the sack of closing it.

david_270, Nov 26, 7:44am
Look you National Party trolls, please deal with the facts.
Yes, there is a risk, but its very small, and can be mitigated. The issues have been well canvased, and addressed. This is a political decision, not related to safety, whatever spin Parata puts on it.

craftylady1, Nov 26, 8:16am
Our close friend was killed behind the school when a big boulder came down and hit him while he was out in his garden.

david_270, Nov 26, 8:24am
Yes, it was very sad about Don C.
" The school site is acceptably safe from the danger of future rockfalls - in fact much safer than the 1-in-10,000 chance of a fatality in the green-zoned residential sections behind it. Any risk can be further reduced by the construction of a protective bund. "

tygertung, Nov 26, 5:14pm
Small children are not going to be able to walk or bike all the way to Mt Pleasant or Sumner are they?

iwikiwi, Nov 26, 5:53pm
If you read the comments in the Christchurch Press some say that the land will most probably be sold to developers for housing. Others say that the school could be moved to the front of the section to avoid rockfall. Someone said the Minister of Education wants to put the money into promoting exclusive apartheid Maori Whanau schools. Another said that the money from closing it down will be put into Charter Schools.

iwikiwi, Nov 26, 6:09pm
It's a cute pretty school; I'm all for saving it.
If they want to keep this topic high profile, they should chain themselves and some kids, ( or just the kids, that would be more dramatic), to the wrought iron fence rails, to get media attention. (Just like Kate Sheppard and the suffragettes did!)

gymee1, Nov 26, 10:08pm
And of course if the unthinkable should happen and there is another Major earthquake, would you most likely be one of the first to complain. that the school should have been re sited.

iwikiwi, Nov 26, 10:43pm
Apparently the Redcliffs school is sharing rooms with the Van Ash School for the Deaf. According to one of the local radio announcers, on the radio, the Van Ash school had rock fall into their school grounds, during the earthquake, as well.
It would also be hypocritical if the government sold the land to a developer, whether some Maori tribe or whomever. Same difference no matter what the building is used for.

david_270, Nov 27, 12:12am

billy.bragg, Nov 27, 2:10am
There are two schools in Sumner as well as Van Asch.

billy.bragg, Nov 27, 2:15am
The Redcliffs kids already get bussed to and from Sumner everyday. I guess depending what happens after 2016 parents will transport their own children to school or the kids will catch a bus.

si50, Nov 27, 3:33am
don't forget that not only is Redcliffs School effected by this, so are Sumner and Mt Pleasant, who will be expected to take the extra couple of hundred kids. Changes their schools too.

tygertung, Nov 27, 4:28am
Well that's the last thing we need isn't it? MORE cars on the road!

mme, Nov 27, 6:21am
Sumner school was already at near capacity when my son went there @15yrs ago! That why Redcliffs School had to set up at Van Ash. No room at the Inn.

si50, Nov 27, 7:30am
Redcliffs went to Van Ashe so that they could keep operating as their own school until such time as they could move back to their own site.

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