Don't you hate it when

likit, Jun 11, 4:29am
you stick the washing out on a nice warm day, come home at 3pm & find next door neighbour has lit their logburner ( 17 deg outside) & the smoke has gone right through the washing. Don't know how long for but, washing is back in machine getting washed again. This is what I hate about logburners, the owner is sitting sweltering inside their house oblivious to all the crap coming out & f**king me off. Rant over! Feel better now.

tygertung, Jun 11, 5:11am
I find that the washing is not drying very rapidly at this time of year. I usually have to put it out for a couple of days until it is mostly dry then bring it inside the lounge and put it on the clothes horse and light the log burner.

I am not sure why one would put on the log burner when it is 17 degrees outside. Usually only put it on when it is under about 5?

likit, Jun 11, 6:41am
we had sheets & towells out today & they were dry, the wind helps

doggybear, Jun 11, 7:10am
Yes, I've had a gutsful of putting my nice clean smelling washing out and having it coming in smelling of pollution!

dogbond, Jun 11, 7:20am
Lol, Ive done that to my own washing! Windy warmish day, but wanted to keep the logburner going for the wetback, wind changes direction and smokey washing

brightlights60, Jun 11, 7:35am
Mrs B here, I think I had 5 loads out yesterday and did some curtains today. I DID smell woodsmoke but I guessed it was one of those days when someone's house was colder inside that out. We had all the windows and doors open till 3pm. Very lucky, 70's house with big windows, all facing North, stays warm till after dinner too.

lambrat, Jun 11, 9:21am
bummer, are you in some sheltered microclimate area or something. it was so windy here this arvo that even if my neighbour had lit a burner and it smoked like crazy i doubt i'd have smelled it. and she used to, being from up north, but now thankfully has adjusted a bit to our temps.

mbos, Jun 11, 9:27am
No, I'm quite happy with smoked dried washing. But if you weren't, I can see how that would tick you off!

jessebird, Jun 11, 9:51am
Yay for the dryer, sweet smelling clothes.

lyndad59, Jun 11, 9:59am
Why would you put your washing in the dryer when it was 17 dgs ? I brought home my Dad's jerseys from the Resthome at 2pm ,had them on the line & they were dry by 4 pm ! Loving this weather :)

slimgym, Jun 11, 3:03pm
not good for the power bill though

tygertung, Jun 13, 4:09pm
Maybe it is because the spin cycle on my washing machine is busted and I am so poor that I have not yet had time to repair it myself.

Still, not too long before I give that old beasty an overhaul! I wonder where a good source of cheap 1" tubes is?! The old ones from the 70s or something seem to have become rather perished!

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