Recommendations builder for SOW

suka, Aug 14, 8:27pm
Rather not use google.

suka, Aug 15, 7:46am
Guess there's none then. lol

lee289, Aug 15, 10:01am
You need to explain what you require it's more a statement than a question

suka, Aug 15, 10:45am
I need a SOW done and would like any recommendations. I don't know how to explain that in any other way.

david_270, Aug 15, 9:50pm
There are companies that do building inspections. You could try them?
IBIS2000, Peace of Mind, Gideon Couper are 3 I can think of.
You may need to use google to find them.

gillian25, Aug 15, 10:22pm
Bruce Radovanich, Builder supported by painters Direct , if you want an honest repair company with a great finish. tram Road address.

robyn35, Aug 16, 6:27am
are you trying to get your insurance company to recognise the damage to your home? If is then the options listed by david 270 would be the best, not cheap though

fssrb1968, Aug 17, 12:49am
Thoroughly recommend Colin Satherley of Stalwart Construction, exceptional!

suka, Aug 17, 7:53am
IC are going to force a cash settlement from what I can gather, so I will need an independent SOW going by the advice given from RAS.

corkranb, Aug 17, 8:44am
Sounds like you need a QS company to do the SOW and costing's so you have some real ammo to fight the insurance company with as sure as hell they will low ball you. There are lots of hidden items when opening exterior walls etc that will need to be bought up to code and hiring a QS will be more than worth it.

suka, Aug 18, 4:01am
Hi Blair, this is Kim. Yeah a QS is really really expensive and I don't have the money for that. :(

gillian25, Aug 18, 6:36am
If you already have a SOW that you are happy with ,the builder I recommended above will price the work for you.
A QS wont help scope your damage, they will only price it for you.

corkranb, Aug 18, 8:49am
Yeah that is the problem. Most insurance companied realise a lot of families don't have the money or the fight left in them hence the low ball offers. Is your home a rebuild or an overcap repair? If it is a rebuild any good QS company always has a builder on-board that can do the SOW. If you house is a rebuild then the Insurance has to allow QS costs as part of the professional contingency allowance. My mothers estate has just had the costing's back from the QS and it is twice what SR offered. If you house is a rebuild then the Insurance has to allow QS costs as part of the professional contingency allowance. Our lawyer will now try to talk turkey with SR for a resolution or it is off to court later this year.

suka, Aug 18, 11:14pm
I am over cap repair. SOW 3 years ago was $175k, now it is $170k but includes a new kitchen, which I found strange for a starters. that the price is lower.
It's all about money at the end of the day and again lawyers seem to be the ones making money out of people that has come about from a natural disaster.
Sorry to hear Blair that you are having to deal with a lawyer with your mum's estate. :(
gillian25, I wouldnt say I am happy with the curent SOW, that is why I would like an independant one.

ls61, Aug 9, 4:34pm
I would highly recommend Urban Construction. We just had our work carried out by them and more than happy, as did a relation of ours also. We were forced to opt out because we were in the "too hard" basket for Fletchers to handle. Urban was able to do the work, make suggestions and come up with solutions to keep us in line with what we were paid out.

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