OT but.where can I buy cleanskin wines?

I am looking for a fundraiser and it has been suggested that labelling cleanskin wine is a good way. It would also advertise our event. I would need an Otago Pinot, a good Chardonnay and a good Sauvignon Blanc. Ideas?

devine-spark, Jun 30, 11:06 pm

There used to be a good red wine at countdown which was a cleanskin. It was quite nice.

Other option would be to brew your own wine. I do it with beer and you can do vast quantities of delicious beer for minimal cost. Could be done with wine also, although I think it is the wrong time of the year for the grapes. I don't think supermarket grapes would work that well. Come to think of it you could do beer?

tygertung, Jul 1, 6:31 am

I won't have the time to brew stuff - hard enough planning event!

devine-spark, Jul 1, 8:27 am

Try contacting some of the online wine suppliers to see if they have contacts
A Chch company is www.winesale.co.nz

chatsmom, Jul 1, 8:49 am

Thanks chats mom. Will do.

devine-spark, Mar 15, 4:06 am

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