After Heat pump specialists with no Bullshit

stevie1, May 31, 12:05am
Can anyone recommend Someone please that knows what they are talking about

nicky12455, May 31, 12:17am
airfficient, ryno(said rayno) is great, his mobile is 022 062 3583.

bookmart, May 31, 2:17am
I have used hartnell Coolheat for the last couple I bought.

shannie1998, Jun 1, 12:16am
Recommend you get several quotes as they'll match or better. When I got two heatpumps installed 18 months ago there was a difference of about $2500 between highest and lowest quote for exactly the same thing.

thebuzzyone, Jun 1, 4:13am
We used S.I.M. Electrical about 2 years ago for a heat pump in our lounge and was very pleased with the service and install. We used them again approx 1 month ago for one in a bedroom. Again very pleased with the service. The specialize in heat pumps and air conditioning.

Both times we specified Mitsubishi units (our request) and the type of unit we wanted (we'd done our homework) and they didn't try and push other brands on us and basically did as we asked. The ducting and install was very professional and clean.

nickyd, Jun 1, 5:38am
Enviromaster have always looked after us - ask for Grant Wadley - presents the options, no hard sell - good to deal with!

roshu, Jun 1, 6:57am
Ian Wickens of Heat Force. Awesome guy with years of experience. Office number is 9282627 (after 8.30)

suka, Jun 4, 9:30am
Hartnell Coolheat couldn't beat a quote I just got yesterday

dudekrulz, Jun 5, 3:05am
Snowtemp are brilliant. Have had no issues with them for business and residential stuff. No BS, easy to deal with business enquiries and support (key, because in business, downtime = money).

bookmart, Jun 6, 1:59am
I have used them in the past several times, not always the cheapest, but I get very good service and they usually put the outside units where I want them which isn't always right next to the inside unit which can look pretty ugly if they are at the front of the house. good plumbing for overflow, easy to talk to, also had very good service when we got our home one cleaned and serviced by them.

pandai, Jul 1, 3:21pm
+1, more expensive than some, but do a great job. Send 3 guys to do it quickly rather than 1 to do it slowly.

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