SM Building or Trathen Buildt, anybody used either

Hi, would appreciated some feedback about either of these two repair companies, both companies have been suggested by Fletcher for repairing my property. Thanks in advance.

bookmart, Apr 8, 5:52 pm


bookmart, Apr 9, 6:30 pm

We are dealing with Trathen at the moment, very frustrating, the brickies they use (no idea of company sorry) are adequate brickies but have left a huge mess all over the property, just today their guys spilt Fanta on the carpet and their cleanup attempt was worse than a 2 year old trying to hide a mess, will have to get the carpet professionally done before we move in, they had the plastic down for the painting but its been up for weeks with other people in and out and it looks a mess! Personally I wouldnt recommend them but others may have had a positive experience, just my 2c :)

b-rowdy, Apr 11, 4:39 pm

Thanks for that b-rowdy

bookmart, Apr 13, 10:39 am

Nominate your own Contractor, Stalwart Construction is OUTSTANDING!

fssrb1968, Apr 13, 11:47 am

We have had the sign off guy there 5 times and each time there is something Trathen haven't done that they said they would and is in the scope, its dragging on and it is smaller things but honestly they would drive you mental if you left it, and its on the scope so they should just blardy do it lol

b-rowdy, Apr 13, 2:21 pm

Update, we moved in 3 weeks ago, first day we noticed power & lights only work in 3 of the 9 rooms and nothing in the garage, we are living with extension cords everywhere and the sparky still hasn't been, we don't really want his shoddy arse here but apparently we have no choice, most excited as he is meant to be coming today. which means SKY will finally install our tv services yay!

b-rowdy, Jun 23, 2:01 pm

It doesn't sound like you would recommend these builders in any way!

bookmart, Jun 23, 5:19 pm

Not to anyone I liked ha ha ha!

b-rowdy, Apr 14, 3:42 am

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