When you opted out.

How long was it until your cheque arrived?

nzmasta, Jul 8, 5:36 pm

I opted out but the company I chose dealt with all that
They paid me what was left over after the repairs
I had all the paperwork, reciepts etc

Have you asked eqc for a time?
Good luck. its exhausting

jambee1, Jul 8, 7:12 pm

Umm. I think from memory it was around 4 weeks

bandrach, Jul 8, 7:37 pm

Yeah I think ours was four weeks for the first payment, and then only two weeks for each of the variations once the builders had started work.

They sent it to our bank, and they phoned to check that it was okay to receive the money to our account.

sumstyle, Jul 8, 7:48 pm

I purchased a house and the previous owner had left all the cosmetic work for the new owner so they could modernise in their own taste. I told EQC about 4 weeks ago that I would like to opt out and seeing as they had already quoted everything they told me a figure and I agreed. I've been waiting since and I know it isn't long at all but I've had a little crisis and really need the money. I'm afraid it doesn't look like they do things fast

nzmasta, Jul 8, 10:27 pm

I opted-out early, in July 2011. The firm I employed had the money within the month.

schnauzer11, Jul 9, 1:04 am

The firm I used for repairs dealt with EQC and sent their account directly to them.

Really pleased I opted out as EQC wanted to pay me out - $11,000. The firm I used, did their own 'scope of works' and found a lot more damage. Total price $28,000 which EQC were happy to pay.

pats3, Jul 11, 7:12 pm

For us 4 years but very happy with what we got.

das.newzealand, Aug 8, 8:42 pm

I opted for cash settlement last November. The cheque arrived on Monday. Quite a slow process.

geoone, Sep 21, 2:35 am

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