Building Home with PeterRay Homes

quinny, Jan 26, 9:09am
They built my earthquake rebuild last year. Very happy and great to deal with. Quality of all the work by subbies was awesome. Just finished my friends home as well as having seen how mine went she considered them then built with them as well.

Likewise gave them a small list of items to look at having been here in my new home 6 months and all were sorted within 2 weeks. Would build with them again anyday.

shz1, Jan 21, 1:05am
We have many friends build with them and they are so happy. No problems and staff great

invercoll, Feb 3, 1:59pm
l built a home with them and have been in it now for 15 months. Found them very helpful and accommodating. House has only required a few tweaks along the way and generally very happy with my new home.

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