These sob stories every day are getting me down

doggybear, Jun 6, 10:51 am

Why ? Why would anyone move to another city before making sure they had somewhere to live & a job ? Just plain stupid . Did he get the $3000 from WINZ ?

lyndad59, Jun 6, 11:05 am

Some people in his position have only themselves to blame-like everything I do in my life. Dont worry, watch this space in the next day or so .

doggybear, Jun 6, 11:19 am

Some of these stories are of people who are victims of their own poor decisions. This kind of journalism undermines people who are actual victims of the quake and have been completely messed around by their insurance. I'm all for helping people, but the story above is of someone who chose to move here knowing they didn't have the qualifications/skills to get work (and didn't secure work prior to moving).

puddleduck00, Jun 6, 11:24 am

How long are people going to keep milking the Christchurch earthquake cow?

laspaz, Jun 6, 11:27 am

Mate there are people who have genuinely been shafted and are living in crap circumstances through no fault of their own. Just not the person above.

puddleduck00, Jun 6, 11:37 am

As long as there are quake victims & claimants for them to exploit?
But, the victims are fighting back:

david_270, Jun 6, 11:38 am

Yes but how long will it take for them to make good decisions and get on with life?

Bad circumstances happen to folks everyday.

laspaz, Jun 6, 11:38 am

You try paying rent and a mortgage and see if you can "get on with life". And try battling an insurance company for years.

puddleduck00, Jun 6, 11:41 am

Far bigger problems are faced by many people. At least you had a house, insurance etc. Put you miles ahead of many people out there.

laspaz, Jun 6, 11:43 am

Obviously they haven't affected you, laspaz, so don't read about them. You have no idea what many are still going through with EQC and insurance battles so have a little empathy please. I am not affected but know of some who have really struggled and taken payouts below what they may have received which puts them on the back foot again. They are the lucky ones who can move on, many can't especially an ill relative who will likely be in a wheel chair soon. The insurance co. insist on building his house 'as is' and not allowing for wheelchair access or ease of movement. He is prepared to let them do this but then they come up with another excuse not to commence the build. He is not taking handouts from the Govt. unlike many on here, he still works and all he wants is a payout, whatever it is, before his condition gets worse.

kacy5, Jun 6, 11:46 am

I'm not talking about myself. I think you need to stick your head back in the sand and run along. What are you doing in the Canterbury Recovery category anyway?

puddleduck00, Jun 6, 11:47 am

I have empathy, but many people are worse off, let's keep things relative here.

And just because that is my opinion, does not mean I should run along.

laspaz, Jun 6, 11:49 am

Said by one being helped to live by the taxpayer I believe.

kacy5, Jun 6, 11:50 am

Many people in wheelchair will never even be able to own a home. So if you are using that as an example, this guy is still relatively lucky.

Chin up guys!

laspaz, Jun 6, 11:51 am

What is wrong with that? If these people were worse off they would be covered by the same safety net.

laspaz, Jun 6, 11:54 am

For a person with multiple health problems he could have been on a benefit for years but he refused and has struggled working in a fairly physical job all his life. He saved and bought his little house with no help from anyone. Did you?

kacy5, Jun 6, 11:55 am

I don't own a house, my current income does not allow it.

Good on him, I am not saying he does not deserve to be made whole. I don't see a sob story from the guy you speak of, all I said was that it could be worse.

laspaz, Jun 6, 11:59 am

Yes, he could have been killed when his house started to collapse where he was in September 5 years ago. You won't see a sob story from him, he spends his life struggling to live without causing problems for anyone. He has had health problems from lack of oxygen at birth plus not making it to the hospital in time for the birth.

kacy5, Jun 6, 12:07 pm

Good on him. Lucky guy.

laspaz, Jun 6, 12:09 pm

Relative to what? Like I said, try paying a mortgage, rates and rent at the same time. And try having to get rid of your family pet because the rentals are mostly pet free. Try living in a un-weatherproofed/damaged home or even a garage with your kids for multiple winters. Try having to constantly fight an insurance company for 4 years. I don't see any empathy in your posts. I see ignorance.

puddleduck00, Jun 6, 12:12 pm

Depends on you point of reference really. Did all of that happen to one family all at the same time? That sounds like a valid excuse for a moan.

Nothing other people are not doing everyday all over the place though.

laspaz, Jun 6, 12:17 pm

Laspaz yes you are right, there are worse things out there and bad stuff happens to people everyday. Just because one persons bad set of circumstances may not be perceived as bad as someone elses, doesn't mean its not extremely difficult for the person going through it. Sometimes ongoing things one after the other over a long period of time can really wear a person down. If you live with constant adrenalin pumping, stress, lack of sleep, anxiety etc etc, it has huge impacts on your overall health and ability to deal with things on a day to day basis. Hence why some people end up with ulcers, heart attacks, adrenal fatigue, stress headaches, exhaustion, depression etc. Like many others, I have watched people deal with stress after stress over the last 4 years and it has affected normally resilient, strong, positive people. Plus we don't know what other things are also going on in peoples lives that add to it. I am not referring to perhaps those who have made poor decisions and are living with the consequences. Saying 'other people are worse off' may be true, but its not always relevant, its almost like saying if you are suffering, its not valid, because someone else is suffering more.

beauranger, Jun 6, 12:27 pm

Yep good fair comments, but at what stage can we expect people will stop blaming one event for everything? Will it just be ongoing for the rest of their lives?

No doubt many people are using it as an excuse, especially more so as time goes on and they need to start taking responsibility for their own actions.

laspaz, Jun 6, 12:31 pm

I guess there will always be some people who get 'stuck' with an event in their lives that has caused negative circumstances. And theres not much the rest of us can do about that. Lets not forget the media likes to keep stories alive as well and are known to sensationalise, exaggerate or even get facts wrong to make a story. If they didn't report these stories as they have all week, then this thread wouldn't have been started today.

beauranger, Jun 6, 12:41 pm

Yep quite right, and many people sacrifice their lives to an event, be it a death of a loved one, or a financial set back etc. The interesting part about this, is that the earthquake effected so many people. And no one can tolerate a negative comment on the topic.

Thank goodness it wasn't Auckland, or we would never hear the end of it.

laspaz, Jun 6, 12:44 pm

These are just a small amount of the things people have been going through down here for the past 4 years. This is their forum to voice their concerns and get advice. If you want to know what people have been going through, feel free to read the threads from the last few years.

puddleduck00, Jun 6, 12:51 pm

Oh, so I can't come here and remind people to keep their chins up and things can always be worse?

laspaz, Jun 6, 12:54 pm

Clearly that was your intention >>> laspaz wrote:
How long are people going to keep milking the Christchurch earthquake cow?

puddleduck00, Jun 6, 12:56 pm

So you don't think some of the media hyped sob stories are getting old?

I stand by it, some people are milking the cow for sympathy when they should be making good decisions to get their life back on track.

laspaz, Jun 6, 12:59 pm

I absolutely do think some of the media sob stories are getting very old. As I pointed out above (especially this story in the OP). But you must not forget that there are Christchurch people living in unfortunate circumstances through no fault of their own. Stories like the one above are just bait and undermine people with genuine stories.

puddleduck00, Jun 6, 1:01 pm

for heavens sake, you have little idea whats going on down here for lots of people. having to continue paying rates and mortgage for a house you can't live in, as well as rent for the one you are having to live in, while eqc and other insurance companies dick around. is happening to many families, not just a few!

lambrat, Jun 6, 1:02 pm

Yes but that is not the topic of the thread, nor what I am getting at.

laspaz, Jun 6, 1:03 pm

I agree with everything you said, and I would never suggest that there are not people with genuine need.

But that does not change the fact that some of these sob stories are out of hand. I would imagine the people of Christchurch are even more sick of them than the rest of us.

laspaz, Jun 6, 1:07 pm

You're trying to put people's problems into perspective without knowing what their actual problems involve. You might mean well and think you're being empathetic, but you're not understanding the reality of it.

puddleduck00, Jun 6, 1:08 pm

Of course I can't know every individuals issues, what I do know, is the individuals cases that are reported in the media.

laspaz, Jun 6, 1:11 pm

This proves my point about the media undermining the victims of insurance/EQC. This story is about a guy who made poor decisions (and probably just wanted the $3k). No wonder people like yourself think we're a bunch of moaners. Campbell was about the only person who did accurately portray the shameful state of affairs.

puddleduck00, Jun 6, 1:16 pm

I am happy to prove your point. But chances are many people don't feel the way I do? Those who are better off probably would understand the pain of falling a few rungs down the ladder rather than someone at the bottom looking up.

laspaz, Jun 6, 1:22 pm

Whats Auckland got to do with it apart from showing people what sort of person you are.

gazzat22, Jun 6, 1:40 pm

A much larger population which would have effected more people.

What sort of person am i?

laspaz, Jun 6, 1:41 pm

Doggybear, the Press this week is focussing on housing and the effects after the Earthquake. That's why this week they seem to be in your face more

melp6, Jun 6, 1:43 pm

He came down with No qualifications and very basic experience

What did he expect would happen?

jon9, Jun 6, 2:18 pm

Maybe sob stories get you down but imagine how much worse it would be to have to live like that.

geoone, Jun 6, 3:30 pm

I guess print media will have more of these stories now there is no more Campbell Live.

cassina1, Jun 6, 4:02 pm

ok, then did you call The Press before posing here? the articles are theirs, not the traders on this part of the messageboard.
after reading your posts i don't really care now about what you think you're 'getting at' . its clear you're sick of hearing about chch. well guess what? maybe we might be too if we weren't stuck in the middle of it, showing the rest of nz what could happen to many of them in the event of a disaster.
but what i do know for certain is if it wasn't chch, i'd sure be interested if i was an insured property owner.

lambrat, Jun 6, 4:19 pm

Can I say it, the Press are known to be Left Wing, same as Stuff etc.

morganville, Jun 6, 4:21 pm

perhaps only that he'd find some work and a frest start?
he was a winz client, so i'm also interested in why they dished out the $3000 on somebody who'd really struggle to support themselves here.

lambrat, Jun 6, 4:24 pm

What does that have to do with it? . You are quite right but why bring that into the discussion

badaz_red, Jun 6, 4:25 pm

spare us the ideological buffonery, its a lazy thinker's crutch.

lambrat, Jun 6, 4:25 pm

Well it would be nice if the Press highlighted some of the success stories. There was one about this young Moari Boy sometime back. I hope they publish that one again. It was great.

morganville, Jul 3, 2:06 am

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