$300 million convention center

While a little suburb waits

bosch2006, May 26, 7:17 am

Maybe the local casino may sponsor this ?

sanders4, May 26, 7:20 am

Still waiting for our street to be repaired plus footpaths, gutters etc & our driveway, at least our house repairs are underway.

likit, May 26, 7:45 am

it would be great if all our streets and houses were fixed. but at the same time, we need large scale development because we desperately need big business spending money in ChCh because it flows onto the whole community.

jonners2013, May 26, 8:20 am

Why does Christchurch need another whire elephant? We have the Horncastle Arena and the Town hall Convention centre as it is.Personally i would love to see all the domestic dwellings receive attention first and then the Town Hall fixed back up.

rollydog1, May 26, 9:27 am

What town hall convention centre?

jon9, May 26, 10:06 am

The last two things can happen at the same time.

william1980, Aug 30, 4:15 pm

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