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bandit101, Apr 21, 7:27am
What is actually wrong with Jade? Obviously the grass needs fixing. I have never been told what parts of the stadium are needing fixing. The council want to spend a heap of cash to replace it. I am happy with it where it is.

I just want the roads fixed and our community facilities opened.

bandit101, Apr 21, 8:44am
So does nobody know?

bandit101, Apr 21, 8:45am
Where is the pro and cons

wanderer52, Apr 21, 10:36am
I don't think the council want to replace it, I think they are being forced to by govt and the agreement made way back at the beginning.

william1980, Apr 21, 11:48am
From what I've read, the main issue is with damage to the foundations of the two main stands and lack of stability in the land around the foundations.
The council's engineers say it's a write off, the insurer says otherwise. They're about $100m apart in settlement figures.

william1980, Apr 21, 11:49am
Part two of the problem is the cost sharing agreement with the govt, which states the stadium must on the land designated in the blueprint.

richardw13, Apr 21, 12:16pm
It was an awesome stadium in the end , as they had fully completed it not long before the EQs, and parts of it had been designed by the last Sir Ian Athfields firm. Far nicer than Eden park.

iwikiwi, Apr 21, 6:29pm
True! Most Cantabrians want to keep Jade Stadium and scrap some big USA football style stadium with a glass roof, that is going to cost the Christchurch ratepayers an arm and a leg. I think there are a lot of people who are going to become millionaires overnight from selling ugly plan to the Council; most probably friends of people in government.
Christchurch is going to end up looking like Disneyland with all the different architechure, copied from other nations, and will end up representing nothing.
People say how inovative the transitional cathedral is; A frames are a dime a dozen around the world; and are modelled on Swiss ski chalets. lol!
This billion dollar proposal for a glass ceiling sports stadium, is just a copy of a USA stadium design. The designers and architechs, selling the design to the Council and government, must be laughing all the way to the bank.

jcmp21, Apr 21, 6:44pm
I'd say the mob running the council these days will want the cash payout and use it to cover the wild spending going on.

batty211, Apr 21, 7:55pm
Haha of course you do :-)

gman35, Apr 21, 10:37pm
Either way , it's just too big anyway for anything other than All Black Tests. And we have such a great separate Cricket facility now.
A "Football" stadium NO BIGGER OR FLASHER than what Dunedin has would these days be ideal for our weekly Rugby , and some League games. **Note it should also be able to be used by upper level Club teams on local finals weekend.
It's a shame to lose "Lancaster Park" but maybe the EQ did the fans a favour for 90% of the games played re: "ideal crowd atmosphere" size.

martin11, Apr 22, 6:35am
Need a covered one for Chch Jade was useless on a bad day .

ferrarigirl, Apr 22, 7:45am
Not sure about initial question. I feel sorry for the residents and businesses near it though. Drive down there on a blustery day and the dust clouds are horrific, I once actually pulled over thinking the dust was smoke and was ready to call the fire brigade.

ryanm2, Apr 22, 7:54am
I would argue most Cantabrians would love to get rid of Jade Stadium. It became one of the most sterile venues in New Zealand. Most im sure would like a covered stadium as they have down south.

brightlights60, Apr 22, 8:05am
Its were it is too. Its far from the "hub" that the rest of the rebuild of town is designed around, and won't bring people back into the central city. I too would argue, there is nothing worse than freezing your arse off at a game in Winter in Christchurch. Its a shame something between the two can't be decided on, smaller than the monstrosity that will cost us far too much, we will never pay off and never fill, same as what we almost had, but covered and near the central city.

jonners2013, Apr 22, 8:17am
I agree with all your points however none of that has anything to do with the insurance company fixing it rather than paying out for total loss. The entire problem has come about because the council and national government went ahead and committed to a new stadium in a new location and now they expect the insurance company to pay out for a total loss to partly fund the new one. That's not going to happen, nor should it.

william1980, Apr 22, 11:04am
If the stadium is a write off, as the council believes and has engineering advice backing up, why shouldn't they expect a full pay out?

kerry22, Apr 22, 6:14pm
Geez, it hasn't been called Jade Stadium for years!
Its real name is Lancaster Park and I would welcome a return to this stadium. Its probably the best stadium in New Zealand and we never really got to see it used to its full potential because the new stand wasn't open for long before the earthquake hit and it was closed.
this stadium has 100 years of history and should be saved if possible, I would say that Lancaster Park means more to Christchurch people than the Cathedral does.
This ground was great for watching rugby and league and although Hagley is great for test cricket I would like to see one day games played at Lancaster again as Hagley is way too small for a big game.

jcmp21, Apr 22, 6:37pm
The park itself is called Lancaster park I believe, but the stadium it sits in has been through a few name changes.

I think (from my own observations) that the numbers attending games was down a lot and most events I saw was never anywhere near a full house. Probably becasue of the over the top PC regime attached to it in more recent years, people being ejected for attempting to start Mexican waves, people being treated like children with alcohol sales along with everything else made it lose the whole atmosphere.

bookmart, Apr 22, 6:40pm
I think it has sunk at various points and in different amounts across the whole stadium, would you want to experience an earthquake there if it was just repaired?

kerry22, Apr 22, 7:50pm
Totally agree, but any stadium built will have the same pc nazis spoiling people's fun.

cassina1, Apr 23, 12:30am
They are in the process of finishing off the Art Gallery that has sunk in places so why not use the same technology to prop up the stadium which I am guessing would be what the insurers would be thinking of doing.

bandit101, Apr 23, 7:55am
If Rugby want a new stadium why don't rugby supporters pay for it. Why should I as a ratepayer pay for it. Rugby players and administrators are paid big money. So those who want pay for it. I am happy with the current situation.

william1980, Apr 23, 10:03am
It's not so much about whether it's technically feasible, but whether the cost to do that is greater than the cost to rebuild.

william1980, Apr 23, 10:07am
Supporters do pay - by buying tickets. The rugby union also pays to use the stadium.

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