Repairing rise & tilt chair christchurch

urbanrefugee54, Apr 25, 3:52am
alas it's in the lying down position & won't go back into sitting. who would repair this please - bought it 2nd hand from here, but it originally was purchased from Farmers in Rangiora.

urbanrefugee54, Apr 25, 4:07am
Have found More Mobility along Blenheim Rd

family007, Apr 27, 3:24am
Try Melrose in Sawyers Arms Road. They fix wheelchairs and motorised aids etc.

grandmasue1, Apr 27, 3:40am
My husbands is fixed and repaired by Enable New Zealand but it was provided by them.
I have one I purchased myself and the lifting mechanism only has a two year guarantee. I would ask at your local furniture store.

thebuzzyone, Apr 27, 4:23am
I've used this guy before at home and he's been great. In fact last time he came to my home and did a small 5 min repair and because it was so small he didn't even charge anything!

My workplace uses him too.

urbanrefugee54, Dec 6, 11:12pm
alas Enable don't repair the sofa style rise & tilt chairs.

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