Need a spiral perm. Any good hairdresser

in South Chch that does them? Haven't had it done in years and the one I went to then has long gone. :-( .

aurora5, Jul 28, 3:58 pm

The 90's called and they want their hairstyle back.

I had it done a few times I looked *&^*@ hot!

Have wondered if these still get done. Not at all because when my hair grows back I may not have considered getting one, but slightly amended to reflect the decade we are in.

No, didn't think about it at all.

zoopa, Jul 28, 5:01 pm

Just wanting to grow my hair. A spiral perm will help getting it past that horrible messy stage.

aurora5, Jul 28, 8:05 pm

Ugh, hate that stage. Hopefully someone will come in with some suggestions on a good hairdresser

zoopa, Jul 28, 8:29 pm

Mrs B here. Sorry OP, but your post reminds me of when I went into a bottle store and asked if they had any wine coolers. Without batting an eye the guy behind the counter said, "not since the 90's" lol. Best of luck.

brightlights60, Jul 29, 8:36 am

It's not a curl perm, it's like a root perm. Just a little better. It really just leaves a bit of a wave in your hair. Ah well, it looks like I'll be doing a bit of phoning around. :-)

aurora5, Jul 29, 8:50 am

The spiral perm I had back in the late 80's left more than just a little wave in the hair.

dogbond, Jul 29, 8:59 am

You could try Kayla at Sugar Hairdressing at the south end of Colombo Street, see if she could help. -

piker55, Jul 29, 9:20 am

Its not a like grandmas perm, that's for sure. It can look great if done right.

zoopa, Jul 29, 9:47 am

Miami wine coolers. Yummmmm

sapphire152, Jul 29, 11:18 am

It's all okay. I have found someone to do it for me. Not called spiral any more. Can't remember what she called it tho' But will just give me a bit of a wave and body to help get my hair past that nasty stage of growing past my ears and looking like I need a good groom. I have dead straight fine hair.

aurora5, Jul 29, 1:44 pm

try the new ciders that are all the rage now, just like miami wine coolers

how much is the perm going to cost you, alot of hairdressers dont do them anymore

slimgym, Jul 29, 11:59 pm

Ching, ching! About $98.00 Depends on if I want a haircut as well. No I don't! Trying to grow it! At least it will be a one off. Can't see me wanting another in the near future.

aurora5, Jul 30, 4:51 pm

Don't you mean a "~body wave~"

fimeister, Jul 30, 9:05 pm

Yes I think so too, a spiral perm will definitely not suit short hair nor help with the growing out phase.

I had them in the early 90s and the result was a huge mass of ringlets, which is how it's supposed to look.

shakirafan, Jul 30, 9:43 pm

You might be thinking of a weave perm . It leaves hair with a less permed look

supra_luva, Jul 31, 11:51 am

I got two spirals done in the 80s. I wanted a pile of ringlets on my head just like Whitney. It looked like that for only a day then it was a fuzzy haystack for six months.

fimeister, Jul 31, 9:29 pm

Awwwww :-( that sucks.

shakirafan, Aug 1, 5:53 pm

They are still a thing. I googled for OP who is obviously the same spiral perm generation as I am. Go for it!

dons14, Aug 1, 6:44 pm

I had 2 spiral perms in the 1980s, they weren't wavy at all, they were like ringlets . corkscrew like. They lasted a very long time. More like this .

bookshelves, Aug 2, 4:17 pm

Hi all, it was my mistake. Not a spiral, tho' I did have one of those way back in the old days. It's a weave. And tomorrow is 'w' day. I'm just hoping that it will get me past the over the ears stage not looking like I need a hair cut.

aurora5, Aug 4, 3:55 pm

and yet, no one has mentioned the "get a perm" ads from a few years back.

Hell, I might get a perm myself, if I can handle it on my face as it grows out long enough to, and if I don??t resort back to a number 2. One shan't ever believe she looks good after such an event, but that growing out stage. omg. I don't think any sort of do can help me with that.

Hope your new 'do works for you Op

zoopa, Aug 4, 6:33 pm

Ooh can we have before and after photos please :)

bucca11, Aug 4, 6:44 pm

where did you get it done?

rosiemoodle, Aug 6, 8:24 pm

I used to have them, it was called a roller perm. coz they used larger rollers

standard, Sep 29, 2:29 am

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