How big were the waves from the 2010 Chile quake?

bandrach, Sep 18, 7:04am
Just curious to see how it compares. Looked on Google, couldn't find historical info just tidal predictions.

brierta1, Sep 18, 7:18am
Hi Rach - not very big! And this video of Mapua shows just how massive it was!

Apologies in advance if the links don't work and you need to copy and paste

brierta1, Sep 18, 7:25am
Actually this one is better - it has a video of one of the waves hitting chch estuary in 2010.
You can come and sleep over here if you like!

bandrach, Sep 18, 7:25am
Cool. Thanks

bandrach, Sep 18, 7:28am
If you see us floating past feel free to rope us in

brierta1, Sep 18, 7:38am
Will do - any particular order of rescue - kids first and husband last?

bandrach, Sep 18, 7:13pm
LOL. so naughty

waikeewonder, Sep 18, 9:00pm
people shouldn't only depend on 'how big the waves' appear because this will give you a totally false impression. it is the wall that is created behind he wave, to wave height , that can extend up to 100 kilometres behind the wave, and this creates an alteration in sea level and massive pressure. you can get totally knocked off your feet by a very very low tsunami 'wave'. A tsunami 'wave' is not like any normal wave.

waikeewonder, Sep 18, 9:00pm
Always self first lol

honest-reliable, Sep 19, 12:51am
were there any other countries affected when we had our quakes with a tidal wave like we were warned for last night.

jodlbauer, Sep 19, 3:26am
The chile one in 2010 was lucky it was low tide when it came in

kids4ever, Sep 19, 3:49am
the Tsunami for NZ has been cancelled, thought was too far fetched, so no-one has to worry now, I wasn't

golfaholic2, Sep 19, 3:59am
It was indeed . my stupid uncle was at South Brighton gathering tuatua . the wave chased him up the beach and he got a wet arse lol .

tandj3, Sep 19, 4:16am
I remember it sucked the water out really low in lyttelton harbour, never seen the slipway so exposed before, hubby was out fishing and when they came in his mate kept falling over on the slipway.

astrophe, Sep 19, 5:49am
It wasn't "too far fetched". It's simply over.

We should treat each and every warning as a serious threat. We simply can't tell till they get here which ones really will be.

klaus111, Apr 19, 2:14pm

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