"Hope and wire" at American film festival.

I recall "Stuff" reporting that the film was gunna be screened at some big deal film festival in the states but then. nothing? Did they think it was as lame as we did?

dannyboy24, Jul 21, 7:58 pm

Oh how embarrassing for NZ for that abomination to be shown to the world

jcmp21, Jul 21, 8:03 pm

I thought it was great & it reminded me of things that happened arounf here. The maori guy had a similar story to me- my wife & kids went away to stay with family when our house was munted
Production & music were stunning.
Were you expecting a doco?

strats5, Jul 21, 8:08 pm

I was expecting something a bit more than a school type production with a huge left wing agenda.

jcmp21, Jul 21, 8:10 pm

Nicely put

dannyboy24, Jul 21, 8:11 pm

Nothing like queuing for drinking water eh man

strats5, Jul 21, 8:14 pm

we must have seen a different version. the one i saw was a completely out of touch steaming pile of face palming faeces

dannyboy24, Jul 21, 8:14 pm

It would have been hard to create a ChCh EQ film that didnt show communities coming together to support each other. Is that left wing ? Its what happened round here & it was good.

strats5, Jul 21, 8:22 pm

Were you the only person in CHCH that had to queue for water?

jcmp21, Jul 21, 8:24 pm

The skinhead gangs roaming the streets, the old guy constantly stopping to talk to the camera about how NZ used to be a socialist paradise before it was ruined by non socialists, the only other white people shown were all self absorbed in material things, affairs, STDs etc and the only ones helping anyone were dark skinned.

Ticket was clipped on this one.

jcmp21, Jul 21, 8:27 pm

Is that you Gaylene Preston?

dannyboy24, Jul 21, 8:27 pm

A queue of 1 lol

strats5, Jul 21, 8:35 pm

Is that what you saw?
Interesting- i read it quite differently. The old english guy was reliving his austerity era childhood, a middle class maori family struggled to cope, neighbouds & strangers helped each other out & some hoons tried to thieve but got locked up. Umm that stuff happened.

strats5, Jul 21, 8:44 pm

I didn't watch with rose coloured glasses on I guess.

Can you link to any verifiable source that can confirm there was roving gangs of skinheads terrorising the people of CHCH in the aftermath of the quakes? Or maybe even a sighting of a skinhead in CHCH sometime in the last decade?

jcmp21, Jul 21, 8:50 pm

Were they skinheads? I saw them as hoons rather than neo-nazis.
But yeah theres still skins in linwood & brighton like theres always been.

strats5, Jul 21, 8:59 pm

Do you have any sources you can link to show us that these neo nazi gangs are terrorising the city of CHCH?

jcmp21, Jul 21, 9:02 pm

So the skinhead thing was a real problem for you?

strats5, Jul 21, 9:02 pm

Like i said i saw those characters as doley hoon types rather than neo nazis.
There were multiple young men convicted of looting etc after the quakes though eh- thats one reason why the NZDF were deployed at the red zone cordons right.

strats5, Jul 21, 9:06 pm

i'm with you strats, i thought it wasn't too bad at all.
but i'm not particularly hung up on judging a person's ideological differences from me as a first resort.

lambrat, Jul 21, 9:18 pm

I found I couldn't relate to it much on a personal level. It was all a bit OTT The bad guys were too bad, the materialistic family too much so, scenarios all a bit too dramatic. The whole thrush thing just silly.

stillwaters, Jul 21, 9:26 pm

I obviously can't speak for those who actually went through the quakes, but as an outsider it left me feeling real empathy for those who did, and what so many continue to suffer with munted houses, insurance companies doing the dirty on them and price gouging landlords like the ones depicting capitalising on the misfortunes of others. From what I read in the media there were hoons who looted, people did queue for water and communities did come together in the way depicted. Also I liked the way it depicted the culture shock experienced by more middle class characters who were forced to accept that the material things they'd once thought so significant weren't so important in the long run when compared to life and community. A good effort by Gaylene Preston in my view.

moviebuff1, Jul 21, 9:33 pm

Omg how embarrassing! The Americans are going to think that's how we are in Christchurch!

doggybear, Jul 22, 4:06 pm

what is embarrassing about it? as far as i recall it was a film mainly about disaster and relationships affected.
i didn't 'see' myself in the film anywhere either, but you can only compare and contrast a limited number of stories.
i think you might be underestimating the sophistication of a big city american film festival audience's ability to understand that. so relax your cultural cringe (unless its being held in hicksville somewhere) !

lambrat, Jul 22, 5:54 pm

Yep, after the earthquakes all the dark sinned people and socialists helped everyone and the white people were either part of a skinhead mob terrorising the community, busy worrying about their STD's, their inheritance from dear old mum (who incidentally had only one true friend in the world that cared for her and that was a dark skinned caregiver), or how they can exploit their tenants, who of course were socialists or dark skinned people.

jcmp21, Jul 22, 6:44 pm

I can't believe I'm going to agree with jcmp21, but I, too, thought H & Was an abomination. I would much rather The Day That Changed My Life was shown.

fuzzygrl, Jul 22, 7:08 pm

You make some good points . however jcmp has it sussed pretty much imo. & we were here living through it & I was embarrassed by the film . for portraying the people of ChCh the way it did.
Sure people from all walks of life, helped each other, but.I felt the film concentrated too much on the diversity of people, like skinheads etc, rather than the good old citizens . the ordinary folk who banded together . why did she need to focus on the minority types . we all just mucked in & supported each other.
I'm not happy that this film is going to portray ChCh to the world & from reading the posts in this thread,. I'm obviously not alone in this.

samanya, Jul 23, 9:39 pm

Damn good drama. Of course its not everyones personal recollection of what happened here. For goodness sake, its a piece of fiction centred around an even that happened. Sent it overseas to friends and they really got a good feeling of what we had been through.

brightlights60, Jul 26, 12:28 am

Even though H & W was fiction, it was filmed in Chch after the quakes and therefore there was some reality to it. It left me feeling like it was stuck on the line between fact and fiction, not knowing which way to jump. When A City Falls and The Day That Changed My Life are the definitive movies of the earthquakes. Other docos shown on TV such as A Shocking Reminder and 5 Days In The Red Zone also gave a better example than H & W of how Chch was after the quakes.

paulmc, Jul 26, 1:28 am

H & W was an abomination. Talk about in accurate! Tell me, how in the event of an earthquake does the fridge move across the floor and nothing else shakes? Or vertical blinds? They dont stay still in a magnitude 7 quake! . No mention of Kaiapoi, Kairaki, Did the earthquake happen in only one side of Christchurch? BS. We all helped each other, we all mucked in.
I too am not happy with this film being shown to the rest of the world.

family007, Jul 27, 1:41 pm

I watched it. It was terrible.

Now the Erebus, Operation Overdue doco drama, that was good use of NZ on Air funding.

sw20, Nov 3, 4:42 am

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