Recommendations for flooring - Bathroom

klc1, Aug 13, 6:47am
not sure to go with tiles or vinyl. Also be interested in recommendations of installers

tygertung, Aug 13, 7:00am
I think vinyl is better as tiles tend to be very cold underfoot if you are wearing bare feet.

honest-reliable, Aug 13, 7:21am
I did tiles and I love them they look great

robyn35, Aug 13, 7:26am
i have just had vinyl laid, only option as it came done to cost and time

mousiemousie, Aug 14, 7:53am
We have tiles with underfloor heating in the bathroom and they are great. Also have tiles in toilet with no heating and they are cold and horrible.

jane310567, Aug 14, 8:59am
I have one with tiles and underfloor heating(a must) and one with vinyl planks - I prefer the vinyl as warm underfoot and no ongoing costs with underfloor heating which adds a lot to your bill!

intheoneone, Aug 14, 9:08am
Can't beat 1970's shag pile carpet for bathrooms.

jonners2013, Aug 14, 9:48am
There are some fantastic vinyls available.

rasin11, Aug 16, 12:28pm
I have vinyl which looks just like tiles but warmer and doesn't break when things drop on it(with kids) and is warmer. Several people have had to get 'up close and personal' with it to believe its not vinyl. Cant remember the name but got it from Dores.

klc1, Aug 16, 3:21pm
Thanks guys, We'll go with Vinyl

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