9/11 Observance

coralsnake, Sep 5, 10:15am
10:30am on Friday, September 11th at the Fire Fighters' Memorial on the corner of Madras and Kilmore Streets in Christchurch.

nicsta4, Sep 6, 5:34am
That is one day i shall never forget along with our 9/4 and 2/22 or 4/9 and 22/2

marte, Sep 9, 11:22am
Shouldn't it be on the 12th September?

coralsnake, Sep 10, 8:43am
The Ceremony also honors all firefighters world wide including our own for their service during our earthquakes.

astrophe, May 23, 4:40pm
No. Typically, commemorances honour the date, not the actual "real time".

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