Chicken pox

Seems to be quite a bit of it around Rangiora.
Anyone else got kids or grandkids with it? Just wondering how widespread it was

stillwaters, Jul 28, 2:02 pm

It was going round Christchurch schools last term.

supersapper, Jul 28, 3:14 pm

Friends child at Loburn has it.

mousiemousie, Jul 28, 3:16 pm

Get your kids vaccinated against it.

sheree99, Jul 28, 3:30 pm

I got my kids vaccinated against it, so far they have avoided getting it except my youngest and he got about 15 pox all around the same place, they were slightly itchy for a couple of days, it was brilliant, well worth the $$

pooks3, Jul 28, 3:48 pm

Sister in law has shingles, she's in Kaiapoi.

shakirafan, Jul 28, 7:25 pm

Friend's son (5 year old) in Christchurch had it in the school holidays, he was covered in spots, even had them in his mouth. Ended up at After Hours as he became so sick.

piker55, Jul 29, 9:22 am

Poor thing, I have been researching that cos hubby is on an immunosuppresant. Apparently you are more likely to get it later in life, and more severely if you have been vaccinated, which surprised me.
Hope your friends wee one is ok now Piker55, sounds like he had a nasty case

stillwaters, Jul 29, 9:53 am

So apparently you can get vaccinated for shingles? as an older person.

tui93, Jul 29, 10:00 am

One of the reasons that vaccination was brought in for Chickenpox is that the spots get into the lungs and create a specific kind of pneumonia which is very dangerous.

happen, Jul 29, 10:06 am

poor thing, just to mention to those that don't know, if you have shingles you can pass it on as chicken pox to those who aren't immune

angeb2, Oct 26, 2:07 am

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