Yes Cirque-du-soleil

fineo, Aug 21, 7:09 am

My son and DIL have been travelling to Akl frequently to see them. And have been on numerous cruises where they have had the shows. They absolutely LOVE Cirque se Soliel. Might have to consider going myself this time

craftylady1, Aug 21, 7:13 am

I would love to go but sadly by the time i get a ticket for me, my daughter it would be sold out.
Mum and dad went to the 1 in Melbourne fantastic show and no animals. :)
who ever goes have fun and take plenty of pics. I know it's next year.

fordy1110, Aug 21, 8:13 am

We have traveled to Auckland to see them,Just Brilliant.
The special effects and talent of the artist is amazing .
As for taking pictures ,its a no no .They had people actively walking around and stopping people.
Costume and set copy rights but also camera flash apparently upsets some of the gizmos used in the special effects.

fineo, Aug 21, 9:21 am

YAY! *jumps up and down and claps hands! I LOVE C.d.S First saw it in California in 1990, when it was only 6 years old. Don't remember the name of the show, but it was danged AWESOME! Thanks for posting OP!

hazelnut2, Aug 21, 10:10 am

we went to a show in Las Vegas, just fantastic

kids4ever, Aug 21, 6:36 pm

Yay got my tickets, whoo hoo!

onzy, Aug 22, 9:11 am

Thanks fineo.

I didn't know they were coming until I read your posting. I joined up with Cirque's members club (free to join) and bought my tickets on presale.

Got front row seats in the premier A reserve area. Absolutely stoked to bits.

Thanks so very much for your post!

thebuzzyone, Aug 22, 9:56 am

I joined their club, but I couldn't get on. :( Which browser do you use?

hazelnut2, Aug 22, 11:09 am


zoopa, Aug 22, 11:49 am

I just bought my tickets :)

ladybook, Aug 22, 12:45 pm

Nooooooooo they are sold, so sad

chickybabe4, Aug 22, 3:15 pm

Are they all sold out? I cant even get onto the site.

datoofairy, Aug 22, 3:18 pm

No, they arent sold out.

datoofairy, Aug 22, 3:34 pm

How much are tickets?

lorischch, Aug 22, 4:08 pm

Cirque club tickets went on sale today, tickets for the general public go on sale on the 27 August.

onzy, Aug 22, 4:28 pm

Oh! I'm on my phone so maybe I didn't scroll enough, yay!

chickybabe4, Aug 22, 4:37 pm

How much are the tickets :)

chickybabe4, Aug 22, 6:42 pm

Pre sales range from $61.50 up to $156.50.

fineo, Aug 23, 7:54 am

I use Firefox.

thebuzzyone, Aug 23, 11:04 am

Thanks - just got tickets!

caseymail, Aug 23, 6:57 pm

Thanks also. I have just got seats in the second row. Awesome.

oxie2, Aug 23, 7:37 pm

YAY! I just got our tickets too. Ours are just the cheapest ones but from the seating plan they dont look too bad.
I'm so excited to be going. I've always wanted to see CdS. I know Miss 15 will love it too. I'm not going to tell her we are going. The tickets will go on the tree for Christmas. Hope I can keep it a secret until then!

datoofairy, Aug 25, 9:37 pm

BTW - tickets seem to be getting quite limited depending on the show you choose and how many people so don't leave it too much longer. One of my friends thought it would be ages before it sold out. Lots of areas are single seats only.

saskianz, Aug 30, 7:45 pm

We never seen one of their shows, so got tickets for us snd our 6 year old. Also brought tickets for the adult Le noir show in November on ChCh (which have some some ex solei people in it).

gutlux, Aug 30, 10:05 pm

Thanks for this, I got tickets, wouldn't have known about it if this hadn't been posted. I am also going to the adult one on November.

deb1002, Jul 1, 4:15 am

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