Graham Robinson Engineer

propeller12, May 31, 9:00pm
Has any one heard any info on his appeal.

david_270, Jun 1, 8:09am
No, they are keeping a tight lid on it.
The appeal is/was being heard in Wellington, I guess to avoid scrutiny from Robinsons victims and Christchurch news media, and also gives the government more chance to influence the outcome.
Given the many millions of dollars at stake if EQC have to revisit all his assessments, reviews, and those of his pupils, they will be trying to cook up an outcome that enables them to avoid dealing with all that.

propeller12, Jun 2, 5:49am
With what I have read I have to agree with you that EQC are trying to influence the outcome, This is not good

david_270, Jul 21, 4:38pm
Not just EQC. The whole force of Government will be used to pressure for the result they want.

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