Sushi train.

ambrosia61, Jul 1, 3:12am
Just been to Kumo sushi train, sooo happy to find one in Christchurch. Yum, yum, yummy.

blb71, Jul 1, 3:14am
Where is it?

ambrosia61, Jul 1, 3:19am
351 Lincoln Road. We booked to sit at the sushi train. So worth it.

blb71, Jul 1, 3:20am
Thanks for that. I love sushi :)

survivalkiwi, Jul 1, 8:13am
Was there Friday week ago. I made a pig of myself. It was great.

astrophe, Jul 2, 5:55am
Do they come labelled? I'd be a bit afraid to pick up some random meat-looking thing and just see if it's something I like or not (kinda fussy).

ambrosia61, Jul 2, 6:48am
Yes, there is a card with a name and picture before the plates. It explains what it is , there is also a menu.

mss2006, Mar 6, 2:36pm
Went there today. It was fine. Depending on the plate colour will depend on the price you pay for that plate. About $3.50 to $7.50. There is hot and cold desserts on the train as well for $6.50.

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